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The Last-Minute Labor Day Getaways You Need to Book Right Now

So, you waffled back-and-forth about whether to have one final end-of-summer hurrah, and now you’re left wishing you’d booked a Labor Day weekend vacay. Before you resign yourself to sitting at home and stewing over your indecision (been there!), hear this — you can still book a last-minute Labor Day getaway and, no, you won’t have to barter your firstborn child or cash in your 401k to do so.

In fact, Labor Day weekend is a surprisingly good time to snag some last-minute deals on travel. And, if you play your cards right, you stand to shave even more money off the cost. According to, an arm of Kayak, you’ll see the biggest savings if you book in the next few days — we’re talking median round-trip airfare between $230 and $260 per person. Even if you wait until after Aug. 23, though, you can still score tickets for under $400. Plus, if your schedule is flexible, you may be able to pocket a few more dollars by flying out on Saturday and coming back Tuesday.

Bottom line? You owe it to yourself to spend this holiday having fun, preferably in one of the following cool LDW getaway locales.

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