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This Just In: Your August 2019 Horoscopes

Nicole Chiarella

It is somehow—incredibly—almost August 2019, and babies, I am EXCITED.  As much as I love summer (barbecues! sunlight! reading and denim shorts and sweating a slow death during my morning runs! etc.!), season changes always feel like a life reset, or a soft do-over. This month is full of surprises for a lot of the signs—and as refreshing as that is, it also feels a little melancholy. Like we’re all on the edge of something bigger. Waiting for something to happen.

And maybe we are. Here’s the thing: A lot of things move slowly. Especially good things, I’ve realized. Writing books, makin’ babies, cooking a really good meal. Graduating from college. Listening to your drunk friend tell the same story over and over—they all take effort and time. This big edge—this waiting—is everything!

There are no quick fixes or ways to speed life up to get to the good stuff. It takes however long it takes to figure out what you wanna do for a job, or how you want your life to look. We all just have to work and slog and shake our booties a little bit until it unfolds. Because! It’s all the good stuff!

I want to remember that, moving forward. To stop trying to fix everything, and speed it all up, and make it fit in my backpack or in my grocery bag in one trip. Call it mindfulness, or meditation, or an egg salad sandwich. But I want to savor this last month of summer, and all of its slow, lazy days and fun-filled nights. I want to say no more, and take my time. My goal is to lie on this hardwood floor for at least an hour tonight and go to sleep without shoving a screen in my face.

What will you do with the last of these warm, August nights? Something equally thrilling, I hope.

This article was originally published on Stylecaster. 

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