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This Just In: Your July 2019 Horoscope

Nicole Chiarella

July is HERE, babies. This summer has already experienced so much Cancer energy—what with last month’s new moon in Cancer, and the summer solstice. But we’re just getting started, and your July 2019 horoscopes reflect that.

This July, we will experience significant growth and change within our homes. From the physical space, to the places we feel connection and belonging—all of that is coming to the surface. Think of it as doing the groundwork. You’re getting ready to lay down or reinforce the foundation of your dream life. You know, the one you describe when you’re drunk and surrounded by people who love you.

Because our dream lives don’t hinge on just one thing—the perfect partner, getting a promotion, etc. So often we roar for MORE! NEW! DIFFERENT!, when we’d really get more lasting satisfaction from tweaking what we already have to make it work for us. Reinforcing our support system—renovating our romantic relationships so that it isn’t something that brings more stress than love.

All signs need to ask themselves: Am I building my dream life, or just putting out small fires and making do until something wonderful happens? Until that magical One Thing changes the complete trajectory of my life and I become rich and famous and smoking hot. We wait for the one thing and convince ourselves it’s a cure-all. Like, when I’m super stressed or feeling gross—I get obsessed with the idea of being tan. I make detailed schedules of laying out, research the best sunscreens, and Google “how to self-tan” and watch videos until I inevitably freak out because of ~chemicals~. Then I stay inside and eat Wheat Thins. Ad infinitum.

It’s so silly, and I know better, but it’s where I inevitably end up. While I intellectually understand that being tan will not save me—shit, dudes, I really want to believe it will. So now I know—when I Google “mineral sunscreen,” I need to face my problems. I need to be willing to be uncomfortable for now so that I can heal later. I need to delete my Pinterest or curate it so I’m not staring at hot surfer babes all day. They taunt me.

This July, let’s all stop waiting. Let’s stop putting band-aids on huge problems and make choices that make will make us proud of ourselves in six months. Instant gratification may seem nice, but she is cruel and fleeting and flaky.  Rip off the band-aids and do the hard things. You’ll be happier than you’ve ever thought possible.

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This post was originally published on Stylecaster 

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