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This Just In: Your May 2019 Horoscope

Nicole Chiarella

It’s May, the year of Our Lord 2019, which means we’re almost halfway done with this year that has, in all honesty, treated me more rudely than any year on record. I hope all of you have fared better, but if not—don’t superfreak. Per your horoscope, this May will be a period of challenging limits—for all the signs. From personality traits you think are a core part of you—self-isolation, fear of failure, etc.—to things that seem as trivial as music taste and fashion, you might notice that you’re a little unsure. Things that used to seem so easy are making you second-guess yourself. Jesus—you might think, holding an ancient box of corn flakes in your childhood home—is this shit even any good, or am I just eating it because I always have?

When that starts to happen—the second-guessing, not just existential crises over cereal preferences—it usually means that big things need to change. Stretch your body and mind until something you’ve always believed breaks in half, or at least gets a hairline fracture. I mean, do we really want to live our whole lives with ideas that are not useful?

So find your sign (and your rising!), and this month, challenge it. I am a girl who sometimes knows things, but just as often I am finding these things to be false and wanting or just shy of the whole truth. Why limit ourselves to just what we know, or what we think we know? There are so many juicy things to see and do on this Earth. Let’s not let our big, glowy weird brains keep us from experiencing what it has to offer. It’s OK to be wrong. Life is actually more interesting and expansive that way.

This article originally appeared on Stylecaster.

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