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This Just In: Your April 2019 Horoscope

Nicole Chiarella

Whenever I think of our upcoming April 2019 horoscopes, I think about butterflies—specifically migrating, painted lady butterflies. Because for about a week now, Los Angeles has been host to a massive flock of them. And this year, there’s been a substantial increase in numbers that’s left everyone in Southern California feeling like they’re in a Disney movie. Anyway—migration. It’s about movement and the search for something more. Something with meaning.

Sure, it can be as deceptively simple as laying our eggs to continue populating the Earth with our species. But I’m not convinced that’s all it is. Because migration is not a spring break vacay to Miami Beach. It’s hard. It’s leaving everything you’ve ever known and all the comforts of home for something new and quite frankly, unknowable. It’s perilous AF, and yet, these painted ladies do it every year. These inner stirrings and callings for us to follow our ancestors and pursue hard-to-define things feel sacred and beautiful and more than a little bit unhinged. All that to say, all these butterflies are so pretty and this whole situation feels very lit. So often we are reminding ourselves to stay grounded. Firmly planted. To bloom in spite of it all.

I don’t know. Sometimes I like the idea of just being like: screw it, I’m going to bail because this sucks and I have feet not roots. I am allowed to leave. Wanting to leave is OK. I owe nothing and no one my presence.

Which brings us back to April, and our destinies/horoscopes/the deep and probing questions that have no answers because I think it’s important to remember that (especially as women) we always have a choice. And while it’s beautiful to be graceful and smile and trust in abundance, it’s just as powerful to ride off into the sunset with two middle fingers blazing without apology. So take this horoscope as you would anything else: with an open heart and mind. And trust that you can pick up and carry only that which serves you. The rest let scatter to the four winds.

Originally posted on StyleCaster.

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