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14 Inspiring Quotes From Influential Black Women

“Who run the world? Girls.” Beyoncé gave women this feminist anthem in 2011, and ever since, we’ve been trying to turn her inspirational words into truth. (I personally believe that the more I sing this song in the shower, the more positive karma I’m putting into the world.)

As a woman of color, it’s sometimes hard to see the progress we’ve made. Reading news updates, things look no better than when Rosa Parks refused to move or when the Lovings fought for the legality of their marriage.

It’s easy to feel bleak, which makes finding something uplifting an immeasurable gift. This is why I got into the habit of writing some of my favorite quotes on sticky notes and putting them above my desk at work. Reading them throughout the day keeps me going.

Luckily, there’s no shortage of rallying cries and soothing verbal balms from the women who’ve paved the way to progress. Right now, if you need help keeping your (intersectional) feminist fire alive, these quotes will serve as all the kindling you need.

A version of this article was originally published February 2019. 

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