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Planning a Babymoon in 2019? Here’s Where You Should Go

There’s no denying it — that time just before your baby comes along is inherently special. Everything feels new and exciting, and you know you’re on the precipice of one of life’s greatest miracles. However, and it’s a big one, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t soak up every last second of life B.P. — “before parenting.”

Once that precious little one comes, you’ll be consumed with late-night feedings, diaper changes, taking roughly 1 million photos and more. For a while — we call them the “roommate years” — you and your partner might find it particularly tricky to squeeze in date nights. Or sleeping in. Or the occasional sexy co-showering experience (honestly, it could be years before you get any sort of alone time in the bathroom again).

Enter the babymoon experience: one final relaxing, romantic hurrah before your baby arrives. Naturally, you should speak to your OB-GYN before you jet off on any excursion during your pregnancy. But since travel at many stages of pregnancy is safe, you should embrace this opportunity if you get the go-ahead.

Here are a few of the best (Zika-free!) babymoon destinations of 2019.

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