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7 Elsa-Inspired Destinations the Whole Family Will Enjoy Visiting

Since it hit theaters in 2013, Disney’s Frozen has become a cultural phenomenon. And with a sequel arriving later this year, it’s safe to assume we may never “let it go” (sorry, Elsa!).

Because let’s be honest with ourselves. Frozen isn’t just beloved by little ones. As the mother of two young kids, I happily suggest we watch Anna travel across the icy fjords anytime I get the chance. Even my husband’s a fan, although he would only ever begrudgingly admit as much.

That universal appeal makes Frozen an ideal source of travel inspiration — after all, who doesn’t want to visit a real-life Arendelle or vacation somewhere you can build a snowman? And while the snow might glow the mountain, not a footprint to be seen, these spots aren’t necessarily kingdoms of isolation — but they will make you feel like a queen.

So, if you’re ready for a change (for the first time in forever), here are our top picks for Elsa-inspired destinations.

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