13 Patriarchy-Smashing Gifts for the Badass Feminist in Your Life

For anyone who identifies as a woman, 2018 was a pretty bumpy year. (Also for a whole bunch of other people, but that’s another story.) What makes it all feel easier, I find, is surrounding yourself with a group of like-minded, badass feminists you can trust to always listen and have your back. And said group no doubt understands smashing the patriarchy is a serious undertaking that calls for getting loud and pushing limits.

While T-shirts and trinkets aren’t going to close the pay gap or protect reproductive rights, they can serve as daily motivation to take bigger actions that will help get these things done. Whether it’s wearing “Girl power” on a chain around your neck or drinking your morning coffee out of a patriarchy-smashing mug, these little reminders can be both comforting and inspirational. This year, show your friends some love with one of the clever gift ideas below, all of which are feminist AF.