Relationship Deal-Breakers

by SheKnows
Mar 9, 2012 at 4:35 p.m. ET
He knows his size in women's jeans.

1 /15: Stripper obsessed

1/15 :Stripper obsessed

He has an open tab at the strip club.

2 /15: Bad hygiene

2/15 :Bad hygiene

You’ve never seen him wash his sheets. Or his hair.

3 /15: Fart humor

3/15 :Fart humor

The closest he will ever come to cooking is giving you a Dutch oven.

4 /15: Bad fashion

4/15 :Bad fashion

He wears Ed Hardy or Affliction (sometimes both at once).

5 /15: Cheapskate

5/15 :Cheapskate

He “forgets” his wallet at least once a week.

6 /15: Packin' on pounds

6/15 :Packin' on pounds

He recently gained 200+ pounds.

7 /15: Mom attraction

7/15 :Mom attraction

You've caught him making out with your mom.

8 /15: Shirtless poser

8/15 :Shirtless poser

His Facebook profile photo is one he took himself, shirtless in the bathroom mirror.

9 /15: Cheesy idol

9/15 :Cheesy idol

His idol is The Situation from Jersey Shore.

10 /15: STDs

10/15 :STDs

He has a collection of STDs.

11 /15: Jailbird

11/15 :Jailbird

He recently got out of jail for tagging a billboard.

12 /15: Toenail biter

12/15 :Toenail biter

He chews on his toenails.

13 /15: WOW obsessed

13/15 :WOW obsessed

His schedule revolves around his World of Warcraft raids.

14 /15: Too close to mom

14/15 :Too close to mom

The relationship he has with his mom gives you the willies.

15 /15: Knitter

15/15 :Knitter

He knits sweaters for his cats.