TV's Ugliest Crying Faces

by SheKnows
Mar 9, 2012 at 1:30 p.m. ET
You don't mess with Chris Harrison. When the rose master confronted the skittish blonde and one-time friend to Courtney Robertson, he was all like, "Dude, I know you're still in love with your ex-BF..." and she was all like, "Herrrrrrrrr." The situation itself was awkward enough. But the bright red cheeks and stank face were what made us go, "Oh honey..." Bachelor Ben Flajnik dismissed her shortly

1 /15: James Van Der Beek

1/15 :James Van Der Beek

Don't get us wrong. Dawson was utterly adorable, with his positive outlook and unrequited love for just about every female friend he came into contact with. But when he cried... it looked like the manhood was melting from his face.

2 /15: Britney Spears

2/15 :Britney Spears

Before Brit-Brit stopped having emotions all together, baby girl was positively teeming with awkward crying faces, especially when it involved sitting across from Matt Lauer.

3 /15: Deena Cortese

3/15 :Deena Cortese

Jersey Shore's Deena is usually fun loving, but the meatball tends to get insecure, weepy -- and red -- when she's drunk.

4 /15: Teen Mom's Farrah

4/15 :Teen Mom's Farrah

We get it. You hate your parents. You hate not having a baby daddy. You hate being poor, yada. But you do like your shiny new set of boobies, right? Positivity, Farrah. Positivity.

5 /15: Heidi Montag

5/15 :Heidi Montag

Before all the plastic surgery, Heidi Montag was pretty good at looking genuinely tortured in front of the camera. Now she looks like she's just trying to keep her nose from falling off.

6 /15: Kim Kardashian

6/15 :Kim Kardashian

Kimmy might be able to dial up the sexy when she's posing in front of the cameras, but when those hormones kick in, dayum. Maybe her acting coach accidentally swapped the "crying" lesson with "passing a kidney stone?" We keed, we keed! S'all good, though. Kim wrote on her blog: "Ok, I have to admit I do not look cute crying. LOL! And I do cry a lot."

7 /15: Glee's Kurt Hummel

7/15 :Glee's Kurt Hummel

He's fabulously gay, fabulously talented and fabulously musical when he cries.

8 /15: Lauren Conrad

8/15 :Lauren Conrad

"I want to forgive you and I want to forget you," Lauren Conrad said through blackened tears as she told former bestie Heidi Montag to kindly piss off. The Hills viewers, however, have never forgiven nor forgotten this totally scripted crying scene. It's like her eyes got so bored, they decided to play Connect the Dots with her chin.

9 /15: Lea Michele

9/15 :Lea Michele

Speaking of ugly Glee criers, Lea Michele always manages to sing (and weep) as though someone socked her in the face with a stinky fist. We get it. You have a lot of feelings and you're desperate to be the next Barbara Streisand. Tone it down, amiga.

10 /15: Oprah

10/15 :Oprah

Cue the slow, dramatic close-up! The queen of daytime talk shows also happens to be the queen of letting just about anything tickle her tear ducts.

11 /15: Paula Abdul

11/15 :Paula Abdul

Whether you sang badly, sang well or just wore a really cute dress, it made Paula Abdul all sorts of emotional on American Idol.

12 /15: Kim Richards

12/15 :Kim Richards

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star and sister to costar Kyle Richards has the open-mouth crying thing down pat.

13 /15: Taylor Armstrong

13/15 :Taylor Armstrong

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star has some trouble assembling all of her facial muscles in unison when it comes to emoting. Botox'll do that to ya.

14 /15: Snooki

14/15 :Snooki

The Jersey Shore wouldn't be the same without a drunk, shoeless, underwearless Snooki sobbing and slurring through the streets. Snookers is probably the only person who can look both grotesque and adorable, all at the same time, when she cries.

15 /15: Crystal Harris

15/15 :Crystal Harris

Hugh Hefner's ex turned up the fake tears following her hasty breakup with the rich Playboy mogul. Doesn't she look so sincere?