World's Cutest Baby Animal

by SheKnows
Mar 9, 2012 at 12:46 p.m. ET
I can be very vocal -- sometimes I purr, hiss, growl, whistle, scream and just like you, whine. My hands are also so nimble that I can unlace your shoe and even pick-pocket you. So watch out! I don't look like a bandit for nothing!

1 /16: March Madness Mix-up

1/16 :March Madness Mix-up

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2 /16: Baby cheetah

2/16 :Baby cheetah

Pretty soon, I will be able to run 70 miles per hour! So not only am I the fastest land animal, but I am the only cat that doesn't roar. I only purr... I'm loveable like that.

3 /16: Baby chicken

3/16 :Baby chicken

Did you know there are more chickens living on Earth than humans? That's just crazy. (Also note: I really am a spring chicken!)

4 /16: Baby seal

4/16 :Baby seal

My sexy figure was no accident. We're shaped like torpedoes to help us swim, and our flippers and fins make it even easier for us to glide through water at fast speeds. We're also good at keeping secrets because our lips are sealed.

5 /16: Baby dolphin

5/16 :Baby dolphin

We dolphins live in family units just like you do, but we call them "pods." We stick together for a lifetime! Now if only humans could follow suit...

6 /16: Baby elephant

6/16 :Baby elephant

Baby humans suck their thumbs for comfort, but I often suck my trunk when I feel scared or sleepy. You can just call me a gentle giant.

7 /16: Baby polar bear

7/16 :Baby polar bear

When I was born I was only about one pound... but when I grow up, I'll be between 500-600 pounds! And don't you crave a Coca-Cola just looking at me?

8 /16: Baby sea turtle

8/16 :Baby sea turtle

We sea turtles don't mess around. We can travel up to 10,000 miles each year in search of jellyfish, and have been known to do so -- we have been tracked from Asia all the way to the West Coast of the U.S.

9 /16: Baby giraffe

9/16 :Baby giraffe

When I say I have a big heart, I'm not kidding. When I'm an adult, my heart will be two-feet long and weigh 20 pounds! But it would have to be in order to support a body like mine -- the average adult male giraffe weights 3,000-4,000 pounds!

10 /16: Baby chimp

10/16 :Baby chimp

When I grow up, I will be seven times stronger than the average man! Don't be afraid to ask, I will open that jar of pickles for you.

11 /16: Baby deer

11/16 :Baby deer

I am born with these precious white spots, but sadly I will grow out of them when I am a year old. Did you also know I am a good swimmer?

12 /16: Baby hedgehog

12/16 :Baby hedgehog

Please don't threaten me or I will roll into a tiny, tight ball to protect my face, eyes, limbs and belly.

13 /16: Baby panda bear

13/16 :Baby panda bear

My digestive system was made for meat, but I'm not a carnivore! Instead I eat bamboo, which has very little nutritious value. Because of this, I have to eat 30-45 pounds of it every day!

14 /16: Baby penguin

14/16 :Baby penguin

Because I'm just a baby, my feathers are soft and known as "down." When I grow up, my feathers will become waterproof. Which is good because I can hold my breath under water for 20 minutes!

15 /16: Baby pig

15/16 :Baby pig

I know I look dirty sometimes (not today though -- today I put on my Sunday best for this photo shoot), but it's because I don't have sweat glands. So when I get hot, I roll in the mud to keep cool. It's fun, try it some time.

16 /16: Baby tamarind

16/16 :Baby tamarind

I might look larger than life in this adorable portrait, but I'm only 12 inches tall and about 1.5 pounds.