J Schatz’s ceramic garden decor

Get a peek at the stunning designs of J Schatz’s ceramic ware. A few of these gorgeous goodies will add instant chicness to your garden decor.
J Schatz Planters

Get a peek at the stunning designs of J Schatz’s ceramic ware. A few of these gorgeous goodies will add instant chicness to your garden decor.

As someone who is both a garden and design junky, I’m always on the hunt for great garden decor that’s both functional and looks super stylish. For those of us who are into more modern design choices than say, the popular garden gnome, hunting down great finds is sometimes easier when you step outside your go-to big box store and instead turn to smaller artists.

I happened to stumble on some the handcrafted designs by Jim Schatz on his website www.jschatz.com and was quite frankly blown away! All of J Schatz products are simply stunning, but the ceramic garden decor is particularly notable as it beautifully combines function and design aesthetics.

See for yourself:

Tabletop planter in Bittersweet orange

Place one of these planters on your desk to bring a little bit of green and life to your office environment. A combination of three to five of these lined up in a row would make a fierce tabletop display. Purchase multiples in the same color for a more monochromatic scheme or buy a variety of shades and dress up the table with coordinating colorful plates.

Hanging planter in slate grey

If your style is a little more subdued, consider picking up a hanging planter in a neutral hue. This slate grey color has a masculine spin to it, a perfect alternative to other garden decor that tends to run on the feminine side. And, how fab would these look as a window feature hung in multiples with different plants for a variety of texture?

Egg bird house

If watching wildlife is your thing, check out this sleek egg bird house. I’m partial to the light aqua color since it’s a fun nod to Robin Egg blue, my favorite color, but it’s available in a variety of colors.

 Egg bird feeders

You can also snag an egg bird feeder in a complimentary shade or add a little contrast by picking one up in a secondary accent color. The best thing about these products is that even if you don’t end up getting any wildlife visits, it will still dress up your yard and give you something great to look at.

Mobile bird feeders

If you’re really into birdwatching, there are also sleek mobile designs available.

Hummingbird feeders

No backyard oasis would be complete without the occasional visits from the stunning hummingbird. These little birds are attracted to bold colors so pick a hummingbird feeder that will stand out.  The pink version reminds me of a honeysuckle. Keep it filled with some homemade hummingbird nectar.

After looking at these beauties from J Schatz, aren’t you now inspired to give your garden decor a little makeover for some more sophisticated style?


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