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Fun pumpkin varieties

When you think about fall and pumpkins, orange is the color that comes to mind. While orange pumpkins are a great tradition, there are hundreds of pumpkin varieties, with unusual colors and shapes that make for fun fall harvests!

The reason so many pumpkins are orange is due to their high lutein, and alpha- and beta-carotene content, just like carrots. But even different-colored pumpkins are full of nutrients and vitamin A.


white pumpkins

Photo credit: crispairandwarmbeverages

Pearl-shaded pumpkins, like Casper, Lumina or Baby Boo, have become trendy due their blank-slate appeal for decorating. The white skin is ideal for painting, and even when carved, the light yellow flesh gives a ghoulish glow in a lit jack-o’-lantern. A bit pricier than their orange-hued cousins, we love the elegant look that the white pumpkin can give to a space. If you’re displaying them outdoors, keep white pumpkins in the shade to avoid any yellowing from the elements.


blue pumpkin

Photo credit: Stacy Uncorked

Of all the unusual pumpkin colors, blue seems to be the most unexpected. Australian Blue and Japanese Kakai are some of the most common blue varieties, both with bluish-gray skin and light orange flesh. These rare pumpkins are cool for a display with white and orange pumpkins, and also are good for cooking. Add to your mantel for a unique and natural-looking fall display.


red pumpkin

Photo credit: butler_kim

Crimson pumpkins aren’t too much of a stretch from their orange cousins, but they can add some color and depth to a traditional display. Varieties like Red Lakota or Rouge Vif d’Estampes have a deep red sunset color. Use these ruby beauties with a scary display or for a romantic dinner for two.


striped pumpkins

Photo credit: devonclaire

Striped pumpkins offer multiple colors on one fruit. Tonda Padana and Tiger Tiger are basically orange with green to gray vertical stripes around the outside. Striped pumpkins are common in smaller sizes and are ideal for decorating. We like these patterned pumpkins in an abundance on a porch display with its single-hued cousins.

When you’re preparing for Halloween or fall decorating, don’t limit your pumpkin options to orange. There’s a world of color out there!

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