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Recycling Christmas Trees

After the holidays are over, what should you do with your Christmas tree?

After the holidays are over, what should you do with your Christmas tree? If you chose to display a live Christmas tree, you can plant it in your yard or donate it to a local park for planting. If your tree is fresh cut, your city most likely has a service for you to recycle cut Christmas trees.

Check with your local waste management and recycling division. Most municipalities offer tree recycling services, where trees are turned into mulch instead of taking up space in a landfill. You’ll probably be able to place your tree curbside for recycling pickup during the week after Christmas. Check with your city for exact dates.

You can also recycle your Christmas tree at home. Use a mulcher to chop the tree into tiny pieces for use as mulch around the yard and garden. Wild strawberries often grow in the natural mulch left underneath forest pine trees, so pine mulch is often just what they’re looking for in your garden. Pine boughs are also excellent for over-wintering your garden, if you haven’t already. You can also cut the tree into smaller lengths for addition to your compost bin. You may also choose to use large parts of the trunk as firewood.

Whatever you choose to do, don’t just throw your tree away. Recycling your Christmas tree gives this natural item another useful purpose besides decoration.

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