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Real mom tips for getting ready on the go

When you’re busy juggling your work life, home life and kids’ lives, it’s easy to put off looking great for the sake of getting things done. But really, there’s no need to compromise. Always keeping a few essential items in your purse, closet or car will keep you looking your best, even at your most frazzled.

mother and daughter piggback to school

Pack your purse essentials

A touch of mascara or blush is an instant way to look alert, fresh and awake, but when you roll out of bed late for work, you don’t quite have time to spend in front of the bathroom mirror. Take it on the go! Pack an emergency makeup essentials kit, keeping a flattering color of blush, lipstick and mascara in tow — just the essentials! Eye drops and bobby pins would also be useful to help clear up sleepy eyes and pin back greasy hair, if necessary. A small container of dry shampoo can also help matted, greasy hair look fresh again. They might not be ideal solutions, but you’ll be thanking yourself for the foresight in a real on-the-go bind.

Have a quick go-to updo

We’re not talking about a gym-type ponytail, either. Find one updo that works for your face that takes less than a minute to achieve and stick with it. Maybe it’s not your favorite look, but putting in a few more seconds of effort in the morning can make the difference between a frumpy day and one packed with confidence to get things done! For some ideas, watch the attached video.

Fashionable, functional and fun

Build a wardrobe that isn’t just jeans and T-shirts. Sure, those closet staples are quick, but do you know what’s even quicker? A fun dress! It’s a one-piece slip-on item that looks instantly pulled together, and with so many pretty prints on the market, accessories are optional. If you still want to look covered, pair a plain T-shirt with a pretty, bright maxi skirt. It’s pajama-style comfort without the dumpy PJ look. If you’re not willing to give up your jeans, fill your closet with functional, fashionable blouses. They’re just as comfortable, but add a bit more style to your look.

Spare style

If you’re always heading out the door in your flip-flops and ending up in places where sandals just aren’t appropriate, toss a pair of neutral heels or wedges in your trunk. Adding a lift to your look instantly classes it up, so even if you have to stop by the office on your way home from your kid’s medical appointment, you’ll never look unprofessional.

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