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3 Easy DIY beauty tips to glam up your style

In a beauty rut? All it takes to lift your look are three easy-to-do techniques. Change up your makeup’s color, texture and application to create a new and improved you.

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Usually, when your makeup becomes a snooze fest it could just mean you need to change up the colors. You may notice at the turn of the season you’re in need of a fresh palette to liven things up. And luckily, you may not even have to necessarily buy new products. Think back to your middle school art class days and remember the color wheel to mix your own creation!

So what are the hot shades this spring? Rosy pink cheeks, rich brown shadows and neon lips and eyeliners. Keep this in mind to mix a deeper/lighter/fresher color for yourself.


Switch the texture of your beauty products by mixing and blending. Swap your powdered blush for a cream… or blend your bronzer with a cream eye shadow to create a darker effect. Mixing and matching existing products makes for a new way to wear them. Also, change up your basics. If you’re a foundation gal, give tinted moisturizer a try. Blending products like this will help transform your face and glam up your style.

For a bolder change: forego blush and bronzer. It will create a richer, velvety look. It’s a different approach to summer beauty, but it will be a successful change up. Make sure you skip bold lips and keep them nude to create a full effect.


If you can put your makeup on with your eyes closed, it’s time to put a little extra oomph into your routine by changing the way you apply products.

  • Floating eyeliner: With a bright color, draw a line above the crease of the eye. Or to really stand out, draw a line with alternating colors just below the bottom lash line. This futuristic take mixes what both an eyeliner and shadow create in one easy swipe. The runways were full of this new approach, and their preferred color choice? Neon blues and greens.
  • Smudge away: For traditional black or brown eyeliner, feel free to smudge away! Create a thick line and use a finger to mess it all up. Push the look further by filling in thicker eyebrows. Just remember, the darker, the better.

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