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Google Search app: How it can make your life easier

Google is everyone’s go-to search engine, but did you know they have an amazing, new and free phone app too? Find out why Google Search may make you say sayonara to Siri.

Google search app
Google Search app

Siri, meet Google Search

Google is everyone’s go-to search engine, but did you know they have an amazing new (and free) app for your phone? Find out all about Google Search and why it may make you say sayonara to Siri.
Siri, the iPhone’s sassy voice recognition assistant, has some serious competition from Google Search, the company’s latest app for iPhone, Android and tablets.

It features voice recognition technology so you can ask it almost anything and get an instant response — no typing or traditional googling required. Want to know what time your nearest grocery store closes? How about whether you need an umbrella today? Just ask. Similar to Siri, it answers you out loud and gives directions, real-time weather, maps and much more.

The app also helps with your commute, utilizing real-time traffic and transit information to tell you if you need to give yourself more time to account for accidents, detours or train delays. If you just finished searching for directions on your laptop or desktop using Google Maps, they’ll be waiting for you on your phone as well.

If you’re counting calories, you’ll find the feature that lists nutrition contents in almost anything very helpful. Curious to know if beer or wine has less calories? Ask away! What about how many grams of fat are in an avocado? It’s all there for you in a handy chart at your fingertips.

Google search app

In the middle of cooking dinner? Using the voice search and not your hands, you can pull up demonstration videos from YouTube on how to mince garlic, find out the best substitute for olive oil plus set a reminder in your calendar to pick up more at the store. Not sure what to make tonight using the few ingredients you have in the fridge? Just tell the app what you’re working with, and it’ll give you recipes.

Google Search isn’t just helpful when you’re at home and work. It’s also a great tool when you’re traveling for business or pleasure. With the app, you can have phrases translated into other languages, find out real-time currency conversions as well as get suggestions on local hotspots and restaurants.

While the app is super helpful in nearly any situation, the only issue we found is that sometimes the app misunderstood what we were asking — so make sure to speak clearly when utilizing it. And unlike Siri, who gives concrete, cheeky answers to any query such as, “Will you marry me?” Google Search replies, “Marriage is a huge decision. These results from the web might help.” So while it may be not be quite as entertaining as asking Siri random questions, it is certainly useful and definitely worth downloading.

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