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Outfitting the man cave: Gifts for the guy’s guy

The man’s man: the guy who likes his power tools powerful, his sports bloody and his music loud. He may sometimes seem like he’s from another planet, but he’s actually one of the easiest men to shop for.

Give him what he wants this year by taking his man cave from good to great.

For the music junkie

iHome iP76

What: iHome iP76 LED Color Changing Tower Stereo Speaker System

Why: Designed to work with iPhones and iPods, this award-winning speaker system will light up his life — and his man cave — with its color-changing antics. He can even use the A/V out jacks to hook up to the TV and amplify the soundtrack of whatever he’s watching.

Where: iHome, $200

Spotify Premium Account

What: Spotify Premium Account

Why: With a Spotify Premium account, your guy can download all the music he wants, sync it with all his devices and listen offline — all for a reasonable monthly fee. So even if his internet service goes out, he can keep the man cave bumpin’.

Where: Spotify, $10 per month

For the beer nut

Krups BeerTender

What: Krups BeerTender Home Beer Dispenser Tap System

Why: Your guy loves the cold, clean taste of a beer pulled from the tap at the bar, so why not give him that experience at home? The BeerTender looks cool while keeping beer at its perfect temperature, maintaining its flavor for up to 30 days post-tapping.

Where:, $150

Newcastle Brown Ale Mini Keg

What: Newcastle Brown Ale Mini Keg

Why: You have to have something to fill that BeerTender with! Choose from five-liter mini kegs of Newcastle Brown Ale or Heineken.

Where: Local liquor stores, about $20

For the whiskey-drinkin’ man

Bambeco On the Rocks Drink Chillers Gift Set

What: Bambeco On the Rocks Drink Chillers Gift Set

Why: Sure, your guy can fill any old glass with two fingers of whiskey and some ice, but why not take his game up a notch? There’s nothing more manly than rocks, and these stand-ins for ice cubes won’t dilute his favorite drink.

Where: Bambeco, $45

Hakushu 12-Year Single Malt Whiskey

What: Hakushu 12-Year Single Malt Whiskey

Why: Suntory was named Distillery of the Year for 2013 by the International Spirits Challenge, and Hakushu was one of the most highly lauded Japanese whiskeys. Now is the perfect time to break away from American or Scottish whiskeys and help your guy try something new!

Where: Local liquor stores, $60

For the guy who likes art

Bicyclist Wine Caddy

What: Bicyclist Wine Caddy

Why: The amateur cyclist with a sense of humor will love displaying a bottle of wine or a 750-mL bottle of spirits within this recycled-steel wine caddy.

Where:, $82

American Bronzing Sports Memorabilia Bronzing

What: American Bronzing Sports Memorabilia Bronzing

Why: There’s not a guy on earth who wouldn’t love to display the remnants of his on-field glory days in bronze. American Bronzing has options for bronzing shoes, baseballs, caps, helmets and balls.

Where: American Bronzing, $61–$212 (depending on item)

For the sports fan

Rawlings Heart of the Hide Glove Chair and Ottoman

What: Rawlings Heart of the Hide Glove Chair and Ottoman Combo

Why: There’s no denying that this is a major splurge item, but for the true baseball fan, it might be worth saving up for. Made from the leather of Rawlings gloves and designed in the shape of an actual baseball glove, this customizable furniture will make your man the envy of every sports-fan buddy he has.

Where: Baseball Express, $5,900

Crock-Pot Customizable NFL Slow Cooker

What: Crock-Pot Customizable NFL Slow Cooker

Why: No guy wants to serve meatballs for his meatball subs out of your floral-motif slow cooker in the middle of watching a big game with the guys. Give him a slow cooker he’ll love to show off while whipping up some “man food.” Just be sure to choose the logo from his favorite team!

Where: Crock-Pot, $60

For the competitor

Trademark Dart Board Cabinet with Corvette Logo

What: Trademark GM7000-C6 Dart Board Cabinet With Corvette Logo

Why: You can bring the bar experience home by setting your guy up with a professional, beveled-wood dart board. He’ll love tossing darts with his friends, and the Corvette logo will speak to his hot-rod heart.

Where:, $125

Bicycle Zombie Playing Cards

What: Bicycle Zombie Playing Cards

Why: What guy isn’t enamored with zombies these days? These Bicycle playing cards will be the perfect addition to your man’s next game of poker. Plus, they have great tips for surviving a zombie apocalypse.

Where: Bicycle, $4

 Fat Cat 7-foot Air Hockey Table

What: Fat Cat 7-foot Air Hockey Table

Why: Air hockey tables are less expensive than most pool tables, the game requires less finesse than table tennis and it allows guys to get a little rowdy! If you’ve got the space, money and inclination, go ahead and make a purchase your guy (and the rest of the family) will love.

Where: Sports Authority, $480

For the fitness buff

FreeMotion 620 BE Power Cage

What: FreeMotion 620 BE Power Cage

Why: When your guy wants to work out at home, he’s probably cutting a few corners with just a set of dumbbells and a bench. Turn his man cave into a true home gym with this Power Cage, which offers options for squats, dips, pull-ups, ab work and more.

Where: Sports Authority, $700

Everlast 100-Pound Nevatear Heavy Bag

What: Everlast 100-Pound Nevatear Heavy Bag

Why: Sometimes guys have to blow off some steam. Give him an excuse to throw punches and burn calories with this Everlast heavy bag.

Where: Sports Authority, $110

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