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How to make a super-size checkers game

King me, please… and super-size me too! This classic game just became the next big thing. If you’d like to pump up the volume on your next outdoor get-together, then super-sized checkers might be just the thing! Here’s how you can make this fun game yourself.

Super sized checker board

Making the board

Super sized checker board

To ramp up the scale of this checkers game, SheKnows got a bit creative. When we looked at the Platta deck tiles and the Panna foam coasters from Ikea, our eyes lit up with visions of board games. Though the tiles themselves are slightly pricey, in our dream world, we envisioned this game as a staple piece of an outdoor deck. In other words, we imagined a nice arrangement of patio furniture set up around it that could be pushed aside when it was time to play.

Each box (priced at $35) comes with nine tiles each, so creating the full board required two sets. However, only eight tiles from each box (for a total of 16 tiles) will be needed to create your super-size checkers game. Creating the board was simple. We simply applied two coats of white paint to two of the squares on the diagonal of each tile.

Creating the game pieces

Since our pieces were made of foam coasters, the main challenge was finding a way to “Crown me.”  The pieces we used were not connectable when stacked, which meant doubling up would not be an option.

The solution? A homemade stencil and a few dabs of acrylic paint to the backside of each piece.


Print image and cut out

To get started, simply find an image of a crown through an online search. Print it out and trace a circle around it. Cut out the shape in the center of the circle, and now you have a homemade stencil.

Step 1


Paint with stencil

Use a stenciling paint brush (they are flat on the end) and acrylic paint to dab paint within your template. Hold your brush vertically and avoid allowing it to fall at an angle. This will ensure the paper remains pressed down, keeping the paint from seeping beneath the edges.

Step 2


Remove stencil

Carefully pull your template away, and you should now see an image of a crown on your piece.

Step 3


Repeat for all

Repeat this process on each of your pieces. This way, when players have pieces that reach the opposite side of the board to be “kinged,” the pieces can simply be flipped over and tracked on the board. For checkers, you will need 24 pieces total, 12 of each color to place on the board.

Step 4

Setting up your game

We had a great time playing out on the grass, but this game would be great for patios, decks and even out by the pool. For larger areas, you could even amp up the scale of this game by treating each tile as its own piece of the grid and using Ikea Heat cork pads as your game pieces.

Playing finished game

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