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Handmade teacher gifts for back to school

Want to give your child’s new teacher a special gift this year? These bloggers give us some great DIY ideas, including tips on how to make a back-to-school gift that’s as special as your new teacher.

1. Sock cupcake

Sock Cupcake

Handmade by Kim at 733 Blog, this sock cupcake was inspired by a Google image. Since there were no directions associated with the image, Kim decided to recreate her own sock cupcake using a sock, a pom-pom and a piece of scrapbook paper. When gifting the sock cupcake, she added a special note, “This cupcake is not to eat, it was “baked” with love, to warm your feet.” Kim mentioned that she includes a Dunkin’ Donuts or Starbucks gift card to make it a perfect treat for female teachers in colder climates.

2. DIY pencil holder

DIY Pencil Holder

Sara at Mom Endeavors gifted this adorable bee pencil holder for her child’s teacher. Inspired by the bee theme of the classroom, she decorated the holder to fit right in with the decor. The recipient loved the gift so much that it not only sat on her desk all year, it was also used as a prop during the end-of-school play. This back-to-school gift is certainly something to buzz about.

3. Please return

Please Return

Another spin on the DIY pencil holder comes from the ladies at Anders Ruff. When asking teacher family members what the most useful gift in the classroom would be, they all replied “pencils!” To make the pencils extra special and unique, they attached return labels near the eraser. Using a recycled vegetable can, the pair used double sided tape to adhere the paper wrap and smaller labels printed on sticker paper for the pencil tops. These pencils are sure to be such a hit that teachers may just want to “borrow” the idea.

4. Creative gift bag

Crafty Gift Bag

Stephenie posted this creative gift bag to the Creating Keepsakes blog. Working for Fiskars Americas, she used their products as a means to create a useful back-to-school gift. With little crafting involved, she worked up several great ideas. As Stephenie mentions, this bag is easy to duplicate and give to various teachers in your family, since they always need supplies in their classroom.

5. Personalized gift

Personalized Gift

Food blogger Amy, from Very Culinary, had the opportunity to volunteer in her daughter’s classroom every week. After believing she struck gold with an awesome teacher, Amy wanted to give her a personalized gift as a means to hopefully get the same teacher once again for her son. Knowing that her daughter’s teacher loved the environment and all things gardening, Amy made her own seed bucket. Amy suggests getting to know your new teacher to give the perfect gift for him or her.

Handmade gift ideas for back to school

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