Meet the breed: Basset Hound

Choosing to add a furry friend to your growing household is a long-term commitment, and picking a breed that fits your lifestyle presents the key to a happy home. With over 160 American Kennel Club-recognized breeds, that decision can seem overwhelming. We’re here to help you meet the breed that’s right for you. If you’re looking for a companion for long walks or a dog to add to the family, find out everything you need to know about the Basset Hound.


  • Devoted
  • Good with kids
  • Easygoing
  • Calm
  • Hunter


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With a history of badger and rabbit hunting in the 1600s, this hound was used to help sniff out trails when hunting. Short-legged with fast and smooth movements, the Basset Hound loves and lives to sniff. Though he has a calm temperament, this dog loves activity outside the home and could run every hour if allowed. A loyal companion, this breed will think he’s your owner instead of the other way around. An affectionate pet, he may have a temper when being trained or told what to do.

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Is this breed right for you?

A great family pet, the Basset Hound has a calm nature that goes well with children and other dogs. With a small, stout body, it’s best he doesn’t partake in rough play with children as he doesn’t care for it much either. In need of a yard to exercise his hunting instincts, this breed may not be appropriate for city-dwellers unless he’s walked regularly.

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A dream day in the life of a Basset Hound

This low-maintenance breed will wake up to sniff out the aroma coming from the kitchen. After discovering what’s to eat, he’ll be ready for a walk to smell what today has to offer. Once done with his walk, the Basset Hound will be ready for a snooze. Waking up from his lazy afternoon nap, he’ll be fine visiting with company or enjoying sniffing out your plans for dinner. Ending his day with another walk on the trail, this hound is easily set on finding what that smell is leading to, so be sure to keep him in a safe spot.

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