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Whoa! Unexpected decor for modern homes

When it comes to decorating your own home, there are so many different ways that you can make it stand out from others. Here are some inside photos of modern homes where the owners put their own taste and style into the mix and made their homes not only memorable, but stylish as well!


The green is very bright, but it helps to make the room stand out from the accents and little details that are displayed around the room.

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Now this is a statement room. Clearly it is all red, but it helps to make this living space appear bigger and fuller.

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A few simple accents help make the style of this bathroom, especially the bathroom sink.

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This kitchen is very simple, but the light fixtures hanging from the ceiling in different sizes and shapes help bring a modern aspect and unique style to the room.

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The sink and the chandelier above the tub in this beautiful bathroom bring a much different style to the design, making it feel like one of a kind.

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Yellow may not always be a favorite choice for a wall, but the wallpaper and the accents of the pillows pull the room together and make it brighter without being too much.

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Even though this bathroom is very luxurious, the way the tub is constructed gives it an edgy aspect, making it feel more modern.

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The simple and soft colors of this room flow well together, and the design of the staircase makes the room feel effortless, yet still have a modern edge to it.

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The size of this shower is fabulous, but the accents of the wood bench and the seashells displayed throughout the bathroom and in the fishbowl sinks give it a tropical style.

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The purple accents in this simple living room make it appear not as plain and give it a hint of color, even with the purple mostly in just a few pillows.

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Pink and blue are commonly not thought of when it comes to a living room, however, in this living room they are the pops of color displayed throughout, from the sofa to the table accents.

Image source:

The colors teal and yellow help to bring some different color choice into the room without being too much, as well as giving the room a nice pop of color.

Image source:

There are a few different things that make this dining room modern: the chandelier above the table, the chairs, the blinds and the centerpiece.

Image source:

This living room has a very simple and elegant flow to it. The bamboo chairs and the wide windows help bring the outdoor feeling indoors.

Image source:

The different shades of purple throughout this modern-feeling teenage bedroom make it seem not so square and plain.

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The different shades of the brown and blue accents help make this room pop. The two abstract-shaped chandeliers fit right in with the rest of the room.

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