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Textured cuts vs. blunt cuts: Determining which one is best for you

Whether you are going in for your regular trim or a major hairstyle change, it’s important to know what you want. One thing to take into consideration is the type of cut you want. No, we’re not talking about style. We are talking about the way the stylist cuts the ends of your lovely locks. So the question is: Do you want a textured or blunt cut?

Textured vs Blunt bob

Textured cuts 411

This is when a stylist uses a razor or scissors to cut hair and cuts at an angle. When I think of textured cuts, my mind goes two different places: You can have short textured cuts or long textured cuts.

Textured hair cuts are popular because the structure of the cut adds volume to the hair naturally. To add a bit of volume to straight, flat hair, ask your stylist for long layers and to add a bit of texture to the ends. Or if you don’t want you hair to look like you just got it cut, this would be the way to go.

A long textured cut is also a good choice for wavy or curly hair. It allows the curls to lift and spiral. Be careful when using texturizing as a way to de-volume hair, though. It will grow back and may add an awkward layer to your cut’s shape.

Blunt cuts 411

A blunt cut is when a stylist cuts straight across with scissors. This cut is great to create a shaped look. The blunt cut was made famous by the late Mr. Vidal Sassoon who turned haircuts into dramatic art pieces. Today, we use the blunt cut to hold the shape of certain styles. This type of cut works great for people who want a sleek, clean look.

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There is a lot to consider when getting a new ‘do or freshening up an old one. Check out the best style for your face shape but don’t be afraid to ask your stylist. As professionals, they’ll prescribe the best cut for your hair type while considering your wishes.

Expert tip: “When it comes to texture and blunt cuts, it’s more about the texture of your hair than anything else. If you have hair that is thinner you want a blunt cut to add weight and structure. If you have heavy hair and you want to give it more volume and movement than a textured cut would work best for you.” – Texas Enjil from Addiction Salon, San Francisco

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