New treatments that fight aging

Women should love scientists. Why? Because on a daily basis they are creating new and improved anti-aging treatments so we can hold on to our fountain of youth. From in-office procedures to the latest at-home gadgets, here are some innovations to look out for.

At the doctor, the drugstore & home
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At the plastic surgeon’s office

New in-office laser technologies are striving to get you results fast while improving multiple problems, such as skin tone, volume and wrinkle reduction all at once.

The eTwo rejuvenation system is an exciting treatment because it combines two different applications. The first application is an infrared light combined with bi-polar radio frequency (Sublime) which works to stimulate collagen in the deeper dermal layers of the skin. The second application is a fractionated bi-polar radio frequency (Sublative) which effectively treats the upper dermal layers. The result is a laser treatment that can be used on all skin types, has minimal downtime and corrects everything from fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars to smoothing the skin’s surface. Treatments can range from $1,000-$1,200, with three to four treatments performed every four to six weeks.

If a facelift is what you are seeking, then the new one-time procedure Evolastin is for you. This treatment uses a disposable cartridge consisting of radio frequency energy needles. The needles penetrate into the skin and release heat causing the body to make new collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin. Downtime is minimal (three to seven days) and the cost ranges from $2,500-$3,500.

Professional-grade treatments at home

Topical wrinkle fillers


Until now, the only way to “fill in” or “plump up” wrinkles was with a facial filler injected into the skin, such as Restylane, Juvederm or Perlane. Recently, a new technology was discovered that delivers hyaluronic acid into the lower layers of the skin, with results that mimic a facial filler. The technology is called Ionic Nano Particle Technology (INParT™). In a nutshell, the technology makes the hyaluronic acid molecules smaller than your pore size, allowing for the filler to penetrate deep into the skin, instead of just sitting on top of the skin. This technology is currently available in the Dermalfx™ line of products.

Cellulite-fighting tool

Bliss Fatgirlslim Lean Machine Body Contouring System

While cellulite can affect women of all ages, it can increase as we age. If you struggle with cellulite but don’t want to pay the expensive price of in-office treatments such as VelaShape, this could be the beauty innovation for you. Bliss Fatgirlslim Lean Machine Body Contouring System ($170) is a vacuum massager that uses a combination of lifting, suction, rolling and pulsing motions to smooth and tone your legs, buttocks and tummy for a more firm appearance.

From the drugstore

Multitasking anti-agers

L’Oreal’s new Revitalift Triple Power Concentrated Serum

Following the professional trend of multitasking beauty treatments, L’Oreal’s new Revitalift Triple Power Concentrated Serum ($25) combines ultra-moisturizing hyaluronic acid with their patented Pro-Xylane, an ingredient derived from the beech wood plant (it helps to firm the skin). The third super-power is LHA, a derivative of salicylic acid that helps to exfoliate the skin. Both Pro-Xylane and LHA were created by L’Oreal’s research team, which shows us that beauty innovations can be introduced in drugstore products.

Freeman Beauty's Pomegranate Facial Revealing Peel-Off MaskFreeman Beauty’s Pomegranate Facial Revealing Peel-Off Mask ($4) works to remove dirt and oil from the skin first and then infuses an eight antioxidant blend including acai, goji and blueberry to protect aging skin from free radicals and environmental stress. An innovator in the peel-off mask category (Freeman has been around for 30 years!), this affordable brand has added vital anti-aging ingredients to their peel for a powerful age-fighting punch.

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