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Barbecue and picnic gear you need now

Entertain with flair this summer. We’ve got the right barbecue and picnic gear to take the stress out of throwing backyard celebrations.

Barbecue and picnic gear you need now

Don’t let eating outside interfere with your style this summer. Check out the barbecue and picnic gear you need to host great outdoors gatherings. We’ve picked out the best gear that makes it easier than ever to entertain outside.


High-tech meat thermometer

Everyone knows a meat thermometer is the best way to cook meat to perfection. The iGrill takes your standard meat thermometer and goes high tech, with Bluetooth technology and an app that helps you achieve the perfect temperature for a variety of meats. (iGrill, $80)


Wine bag
for two

When you’re heading to a picnic, you never know how long you’ll be enjoying the great outdoors. That’s when two bottles of wine come in handy. Keep your wine safe and insulated in a two-bottle tote with a convenient grip. (Built, $18)


Sexy beverage tub

You can’t beat the stylish lines of this cherry red beverage tub. Keep your favorite beverages chilled on ice up top while you use the portable tray to serve your best summertime concoctions. We won’t tell on you if the lemonade’s spiked. (Pier 1 Imports, $70)


Manual hot dog roller

Make the perfect hot dog with this manual roller for your grill. A few swipes of this easy-to-use tool give you the same uniformly cooked hot dogs you love at the ballpark. Wow your guests and your finicky little ones with the Chef’s Basics Select BBQ Hot Dog Grill Top Roller. (Wal-Mart, $12)


Convertible picnic bag

Take your picnic gear on the go with a clever bag that unzips into a small blanket for indoor or outdoor use. This indie project features stylish colors and a modern, functional design. Pick up the Yield picnic bag for gatherings on the go. (DodoCase, $56)


Sun-powered tunes

What backyard barbecue is complete without a sunny summer soundtrack? This year, forget batteries and cords and go solar powered. If it’s a sunny day, this portable solar-powered outdoors player will play music from any Bluetooth-enabled mobile device. Here’s a bonus: It can also charge your devices. (Crate & Barrel, $100)


Earth-friendly cutlery

No one wants to drag nice silverware outside for a barbecue. But what if you want to be Earth-friendly? Get the best of both worlds with eco-friendly cutlery made of 100 percent recycled plastic. Best of all? You can wash the plastic cutlery hundreds of times, even in the dishwasher. (Preserve Products, $6 for 24 pieces)


BBQ rib rack

Not every cut of meat can be slapped down onto the grill. Sometimes you need special tools to get everything just right. The Man Law BBQ rib rack elevates ribs to the perfect height to make juicy, tender ribs that even a beginner can manage. (Bed Bath & Beyond, $18)

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