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Try or toss: Are these innovations too far fetched?

Wondering what the “next big thing” in technology is? We’ve rounded up 15 unique technological designs and concepts to weigh in if they are a go or a no.


iPhone Guitar

iPhone Guitar

The iPhone guitar, referred to as gTar, is an innovative guitar meant to teach users how to play the instrument. Plug in your iPhone and open the gTar app to learn acoustic, bass, or synthesizer. The app will show fingers where they need to be placed via LED lights. Priced at $400, the gTar is a good price for a beginner’s guitar and cheaper than lessons. We think this piece of technology may just be a hit with Gen Zers.


Self-Sanitizing Door Handles

Self sanitizing door handle

Say goodbye to germs with self-sanitizing door handles. Currently a concept, the Choi Bomi design is meant to put a stop on easily spread diseases. The concept includes a UV light that will automatically sanitize the handle after every touch. Though this technological concept may be a bit too far-fetched, we can foresee similar self-sanitizing technology in the future.


Solar Window Charger

Solar Window Charger

The solar window charger combines two great concepts of the 21st century: green technologies and the smart phone. Charge your iPhone powerlessly with the solar window charger that plugs in to… you guessed it, your window! All you need is sun and the $15 – $75 charger to get your phone powered up again. Inexpensive and green, this is one technological concept that will be seen for years to come.


Upside Down Shower

Upside down shower

The Upside Down Shower, designed by Danny Venelet in correlation with Viteo Outdoors, is a portable shower for outdoors. With a design that can be used anywhere with a hose and water supply, the portable shower shoots water up to four meters above the ground. While this technology is smart and great for a summer pool party, with a price of $773, this technology may be a bit too pricey to become a hit.


The Hovercraft Golf Cart

Bubba Watson Hovercraft Golf Cart

The avid golfer no longer needs to worry about sand traps when he has the Bubba Watson Hovercraft Golf Cart which can be used on land and in the water. The hovercraft BW1 was designed by golf pro Bubby Watson with Oakley and Neoteric Hovercraft. It has rear storage and 65-horse power for the perfect day of golf. Priced at $65,000 for the new model that’s expected to make its debut in July, we predict these golf carts to be found on the ranges in the near future as prices go down. See Bubba’s hover fly here.

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