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DJ Pauly D shows off new, sexier hairstyle

We’re used to seeing former Jersey Shore star DJ Pauly D with his signature blowout. Not anymore: The reality star just Instagrammed a photo of a sleek, straight hairstyle. The verdict: We love it!

DJ Pauly D

Yeah, buddy!

It’s not often that we compliment a celeb guy’s haircut, but an exception has to be made for former Jersey Shore star Pauly D.

The reality star donned a dapper suit — and a sleek hairstyle — in a shot posted to his Instagram account.

“#thegreatdjgatsby,” he captioned the photo.

Our thoughts? He looks so much better — and a lot like Leonardo DiCaprio in The Great Gatsby. We definitely approve.

No word on whether or not the Rhode Island native will keep the style, though. He seems to prefer his “guido” blowout, even if it is labor-intensive.

“It takes me about 25 minutes to do my hair,” he told the New York Daily News in 2009.

That’s longer than it takes us to do our hair most days!

His go-to blowout product? Spiker gel.

“It’s like Elmer’s glue,” he told the Daily News. It’s got the strongest hold. There’s nothing else on the market like it.”

The other key ingredient: Got 2B hairspray — lots and lots of hairspray.

“Clients actually come in now and ask for the ‘Pauly D’ haircut. It’s got a personality of its own,” barber Anthony Gianfrancesco said of his famous client.

“We charge $12 for the cut. But we take care of Pauly.”

They might have to change their services now. Let’s hope the look is here to stay!

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Photo: WENN and DJ Pauly D/Instagram

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