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Exterior paint trends for 2013

Ready to give your home a makeover? Find out which paint and design trends top designers and architects are seeing this year.

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Exterior paint trends for 2013

Discover the hottest exterior design trends

Ready to give your home a makeover? Find out which paint and design trends top designers and architects are seeing this year.

Paint is a relatively easy way to change the entire look of a room. When it comes to the exterior of your home, paint works the same magic. If you’re considering changing the look of your home this year, find out which trends the top experts have their eyes on.

Safer paints

Low voc paint

Photo credit: El Gato Painting

Cyndi Monahan at El Gato Painting has seen a huge rise in requests for safer paints this year. “With more and more information being released linking paint to chronic illnesses (ranging from fatigue to cancer), people are starting to think more and more about the quality of the paints they are using,” says Monahan. Most types of paint emit volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. In California, where standards are particularly strict, there’s a higher demand for low-VOC paints and natural alternatives such as clay- and mineral-based paint.

Brighter finishes and natural colors

Robin Daly of Daly’s Paint & Decorating is seeing a rise in satin and eggshell finishes on exteriors of homes. “Flat paint is continuing to trend downward,” says Daly. “Everyone is interested in maximizing their home’s value, and with the cost of labor (and to a lesser extent, paint), a higher sheen paint will look better and last longer.” New York designer Tina Ramchandani sees a rise in paint colors inspired by nature. “I see exterior paint colors in 2013 leaning toward muted colors such as grays, golds, yellows and greens,” she says. “Colors often found in nature are trending at this time.”

Red exterior door

Photo credit: Ciao Darling

Accents on doors and windows

For those who are looking to make a change without repainting an entire home, accent doors and windows are the way to go. This trend has seen the largest spectrum of paint colors. Doors are showing up in bold colors like red, teal and bright green. Yellow and orange doors have been popular this year. “I like to keep the overall house color more neutral so it ages well, but the front door is always an opportunity to do a vibrant color,” says architect Linda Brettler. “It’s a great way to refresh — with a graphic pop — traditional houses, while still remaining classic.” Mandy Riggar, who blogs at Ciao Darling, recently upgraded her home’s exterior with a neutral dark gray and a bright door.

Unique siding

Photo credit: Linda Brettler

Unique paneling and siding

Brettler is seeing a rise in interesting sidings and paneling products on modern homes. “There is a great variety of new eco-friendly paneling products that have emerged, as well as greener versions of classic siding,” she says. “In an upcoming project I’m using EcoClad (manufactured by KlipTech), which has the look of wood, but is much more durable, UV-resistant and recycled.” More durable, eco-friendly woods are part of a rising trend in green construction and decor. In addition to being earth-friendly, many of these materials are long-lasting and ultimately friendly for your wallet as well.

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