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Real people talk: How my pet gets even

Real people share… when pets attack! We’re sharing stories of pets who have sought revenge on their owners — and they’re hilarious!

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Real people share…

Pet disaster stories!

Real people share… when pets attack! We’re sharing stories of pets that have sought revenge on their owners — and they’re hilarious.

Pet lovers agree that their pets are more like children than animals. They need to be loved, fed, played with and taught valuable lessons (like not barking at the birds during the wee hours of the morning or chasing down the mailman). Unfortunately, no matter how hard we’ve worked at training our pets, sometimes they get emotional and rebel. We’re sharing some hilarious stories about pets who like to get even with their owners. You won’t want to miss it!


“French bulldogs hate water… “

“French bulldogs hate water…”

My husband and I recently rescued a French bulldog and within the first week we decided to give him a bath. We didn’t realize it at the time, but French bulldogs hate water. He was miserable during the entire bath. We even tried to give him a treat but he spit it out. Afterward, we blow-dried his hair — which he hated even more. Once it was all over, we gave him several hugs and treats. I guess he was still a little irked at us, because he walked towards the area where the hair dryer was plugged in and blatantly peed on it while looking at my husband! We had a good laugh about it. — Roxanne


“Our dog seeks revenge if we’re late coming home… “

Our dog seeks revenge if we’re late coming home…”

I always thought our cats would get even for bringing dogs into their life. But they’re either biding time or just don’t care. It was our youngest dog who got even with us for being late coming home. We have three herding mixed-breed dogs who are my Velcro fur babies — they stick to my side. If we take too long getting home, the chance of naughtiness increases. One day, I came home to find a package (that was for them) destroyed in the yard. Blue, the youngest dog, jumped the fence, grabbed the package and had a field day opening it. It took me forever to pick up all of those peanuts. I learned my lesson and try to get home on time now. — Kimberly, pet blogger at Keep the Tail Wagging


“My cat hates when I travel… “

“My cat hates when I travel…”

I often travel for work, and apparently my cat got sick and tired of this because she sure showed me. One time, as I was pulling out my suitcase, she got on top of it and promptly peed in it! She definitely knew what she was doing, since she was glaring at me the entire time. Now I make sure she’s out of the room before packing and unpacking from travels! — Tiffany

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