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Win or fail? 7 Homes that break the mold

Not every house is created equal, and some people go out of their way to create a home that is truly unique. We’re breaking down what we love most about a few of the strangest spaces across the country.

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Not every house is created equal, and some people go out of their way to create a home that is truly unique. We’re breaking down what we love most about a few of the strangest spaces across the country.

The Archie Bunker house

This home in Warren, Vermont, made entirely of concrete might not look like much from the outside, but it holds some stylish surprises within. Our favorite part? The giant living room window that’s on a roller and slides open to reveal the pool. The view is stunning, and you can wander straight from the house outside for a quick dip. We weren’t sure about how comfortable the spare bedroom would be, however — it’s essentially a bed in a drawer in the living room, which (though a clever use of space) could end up feeling claustrophobic.


The tiny house on wheels

Referred to as “the comet,” this 112-square-foot house on wheels in Worcester, Massachusetts, proves that size doesn’t always matter. Decorated in bold, bright colors, we loved the tiny-but-fully-functional kitchen and dining area. The dining table even folds down and the space becomes a bed for guests.

The bathroom is just a composting toilet, which could take some getting used to, but ultimately, it’s an eco-friendly option that works, despite lacking frills. Tell us: How do you feel about living in a house on wheels?


Blimp hangar apartment

If we told you there was a 600-square-foot apartment in New York City inspired by the inside of a blimp hangar, you’d probably think we were crazy. But such a space exists, and it’s a lot more functional than you might think. The closets on levers to save space are a genius idea we loved (just pull them towards you when you need something), and the half zeppelin on the ceiling is definitely a conversation piece. All of the gears, mechanics and other items representative of the inner workings of a blimp could potentially be distracting, but they do give it heaps of personality.


Alice in Wonderland home

Whimsical yet stylish, functional yet fun, this gorgeous house in Finger Lakes, New York, takes a playful, bohemian approach to decor. We had two favorite aspects of this covetable home. The first was the stately armoire in the bedroom that’s actually a door into the rest of the house, and the second is the fact that the living room walls are painted to look like the outdoors. The dressing room ceiling, though interesting, was a bit distracting — it’s covered in countless mementos and souvenirs, from buttons to napkins.


Log mansion

Log cabins are cute and quaint, but a log mansion? Much more impressive. This one in Caroline, New York, is 5,000 square feet and an enviable rustic-chic spot to live. We were instantly enamored with the hybrid library/bathroom. Seriously, there’s a giant bookshelf — in the bathroom, which is actually a lot cuter than it sounds. The rustic nature of some areas of the house (the rec room, for example) could potentially take away from the overall charm, but since it’s a house made of logs, that aesthetic fits.


Tree house

Would you want to live 25 feet off the ground? One space in Parlin Pond, Maine, would allow the opportunity for just that. Well, at 80 square feet this grown-up tree house is used mainly for sleeping, but it’s still pretty cool. We loved the stylish canopy bed, and the view you wake up to is pretty phenomenal, but the ladder entrance had us shuddering and wishing for an elevator (or at least a less scary way up!). Tell us: Would you sleep in a tree?


Unfolding origami apartment

In Manhattan’s Upper West Side, 400 square feet is a normal size for an apartment and, in fact, might be considered average for the city. But this space utilizes the square footage so well, it functions like a larger apartment. We love how everything unfolds and can get tucked away to save space, like the bed and office desk, plus there’s still a living room (with seating for six), but we also imagine it could be frustrating at times, constantly having to shift your space into something else, depending on what you’re doing.

Tell us

What were your favorite aspects of these strange spaces? Share in the comments below!

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