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12 Technological advancements for everyday items

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Look around your house. You probably see a lot of old standbys that can’t possibly be improved. Or can they? These 12 technological marvels have taken everyday items we take for granted to the next level.

Samsung T900 Smart Fridge

Wish your fridge could help you find recipes and keep up with your grocery list? Actually, it can! This refrigerator includes a section that converts from fridge to freezer to anything in between, with the touch of a button. It also features a touchscreen interface compatible with a grocery manager app, Evernote, Epicurious and more. (Coming soon) 


Uncrate PocketStrings

Aside from some fun yet unfortunate designs in the ’80s, guitars have remained pretty much the same in shape and size for hundreds of years — until now. The Uncrate PocketStrings lets you take your frets with you to practice on the go, and then folds back up in a flash. (Uncrate, $25 – $30) 


Withings Wireless Scale WS-30

This smart scale works with other wireless devices to measure and manage your weight, BMI and more. You can even keep yourself honest by sharing your accomplishments on social media. (Withings, $100) 



A milk jug holds milk. How could it possibly become more advanced? Enter Milkmaid, the smart milk jug. Using a smartphone app, it keeps you posted on how much milk you have left and when it goes bad. (Coming soon


94Fifty Bluetooth Sensor Basketball

Improve your ball handling, shooting skills and confidence on the court with the world’s first smart basketball. (94Fifty, $300) 



Almost every car on the road has an onboard computer, but it doesn’t help the driver much. Automatic is a smart driving assistant that links directly to your car’s computer and communicates with you through your smartphone. It gives you tips on how to improve your driving to save hundreds a year on gas, reminds you of where you parked, lets you know if your car may have a problem and automatically notifies up to three loved ones if you’re in a car accident. (Automatic, $70) 


Belkin WeMo

Electrical sockets have been in every home that most of us can remember. Belkin steps up the socket game with WeMo, a socket adapter that makes any room in your home “smart” by allowing you to automate or control it in real time with a few clicks on your smartphone. (Multiple retailers, Prices vary)

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