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Beyond the dog park

Tired of the same ol’ surroundings at the dog park? If your pooch has sniffed, scratched and frolicked through every acre more times than he can count on his thumbs, it may be time for a change. There are many places your pet can roam besides the confines of the dog park. Some provide off-leash adventures while some areas suggest on-leash activity but these pet-approved locales are sure to keep your pets’ zest for roaming adventures at its peak.

Dogs at beach


Let your pup unwind with his paws in the sand. Taking your best friend on a coastal adventure provides a variety of activities for every outdoor-loving pet. Swimmers will love dipping their paws in the cool waters while avid runners like Australian shepherds and golden retrievers will love the miles of oceanfront fun.

Tip: Do your research before hitting the salty seas to make sure your beach of choice is Fido-friendly.
Dog at lake


Dock jumping, swimming or just simply basking in the sun, a trip to the lake means more than room to roam, it’s room for creative ways to romp and play. Bring your pup’s favorite toys for hours of fetch off the dock or enjoy running together lakeside. Be sure to bring lots of towels for dry travels back home.

Tip: For long days of splish-splashing fun, keep your pet safe in the water with a doggie life vest.
Dog hiking

Hiking trails

For excellent bonding time in the great outdoors, your pup will love taking in the sights and sounds of a day on the trail. For an even greater sense of freedom, take your pup on a hands-free leash so you can both stroll through the wide-open spaces with utmost ease. Most hiking trails offer pet owners room to roam with their furry best friends, however, always do your homework to make sure your nearest trailhead is pet friendly.

Tip: Bring plenty of waste bags to clean up after Fido and lots of water for you and your pooch to stay properly hydrated.
Dog camping


More than just smores and campfire stories, camping trips provide you and your pet ample space to roam. Many campgrounds offer pet-friendly accommodations where you and your pet will find like-minded, dog-loving outdoor enthusiasts to share adventures with. Before you take off on your overnight travels, keep your pooch free of fleas and ticks with your choice of critter prevention and embark on a worry-free camping trip.

Tip: Some campgrounds allow well-behaved off-leash pets to roam, but make sure you can track your pets’ whereabouts with a pet tracking system should he roam too far away.

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