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Tips for getting the most from your phone’s camera

From catching those important moments to knowing how to edit and share your pictures on social media sites, there are a lot of ways to enhance photos and a lot more ways to miss out on the perfect picture. These tips will make the most of your camera and give you photos to cherish forever.

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Capture the moment

Opt for video: If action photos aren’t quite your thing, there’s an app that selects freeze-frames from a video so that perfect action shot is just a few taps away. Don’t rely on camera timers or synchronizing your movements with the action on hand — just record and let the app do the rest. (Freeze Frame, $3)

Experience the ambience: Panorama lets your camera turn into a 360-degree Panorama tool with a few quick touches of your fingers. Just tap the screen and move in the direction of the pointers. The panorama stitches together the scene and it’s ready to share in less than a minute. It even has automatic geo-tagging so you can view other Panoramas around your location.  (Panorama-360, free)

Look your best: The Pocket Mirror app allows you to freeze the image or record video of yourself, so you’re never without a mirror again. It’s one more convenient trick to get the most out of your camera’s phone. (Pocket Mirror, $2)

Work with what you have

When you’ve mastered capturing the moment, it’s time to deal with making those photos look their absolute best. A few tricks can get them looking crisp, artistic, vintage-inspired or anything else you can come up with.

Photo Grid — Collage Maker: Stitch together creative collages through the Photo Grid app. With its many layout templates, it’s ideal for Instagram photos. Plus, it’s easy to use — just shake or select a layout to arrange photos. (Photo Grid — Collage Maker, free)

More Photo Effects Apps

Vignette (Google Play, $3)
Retro Photo Camera (Google Play, free)
Camera Magic (Google Play, free)

Instagram Camera Effects: Want your photos to have the same effects Instagram offers without needing an account? This app is what you’re looking for. With this app, you can even apply the effects as you snap the photos. Thermal vision, wireframe, cartoon and many more artistic additions are included. (Instagram Camera Effects, free)

Photo Editor by Aviary: To edit photos out and about, this app brings high-quality editing tools on-the-go. Adjust the color balance, brightness, contrast, saturation and blur all with simple-to-maneuver tools. Fun stickers and text can be easily added, while blemishes and red eye can be easily removed. (Photo Editor by Aviary, free)

Don’t forget to share

After spending time editing the perfect picture, share it with all your family and friends on your favorite social media sites.

Familiar Photo Sharing: Keep all your family and friends up-to-date with the convenience of a virtual picture frame. Through this app, pictures are sent privately to their desktop, tablet or smartphone where they can easily browse through your latest photos. This app is also compatible with Instagram, Facebook, SmugMug and Picasa Web Albums. (Familiar Photo Sharing, free)

Easy Reader

Glare Gone: For those sunny days, it’s usually a shot in the dark to get a great picture. When your screen is too light, or you want to keep the brightness to a minimum when you’re in a dark environment, this app is the perfect solution. Plus, it’s easy to use: Just tilt the phone. There’s an automatic timer set, so when you need it, unlock the screen, tilt the phone and be ready to see clearly. (Glare Gone, $1)  

A great phone that is compatible with these apps and many others is the LG Optimus G Pro. It has a 13 MP full HD camera with dual recording and tracking focus. Plus, you can take photos by simply saying, “Cheese!” with the voice-activated commands.

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