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10 Awesome Android video apps to capture the moment

Often when it’s most important to capture special moments, one can get caught up in the excitement and miss it all together. These 10 Android apps will let you capture the moment with ease.

Young woman using video feature on her smartphone.


DailyRoads Voyager

This free app is the perfect car trip companion. It continuously records video, but there are also special features to determine the recording length, even as you drive. It also is able to take photos at user-set intervals. Both pictures and videos are time stamped and geo-tagged to capture the road trip to a tee. It even includes street addresses, speed and elevation measurements. (DailyRoads Voyager, free)


Journal Notes Multimedia

Upgrade the standard way of writing in a journal to new and improved multimedia heights. With the Journal Notes app, you can record videos and audio and sync it to your computer through a USB cable. And not to worry, it comes with a password for privacy. (Journal Notes Multimedia, $4)


mailVU Video Sharing

This app lets you send videos through text and email in a snap. Send to anyone, anywhere. Automatic encoding allows videos to play on any device. Using mailVU means video won’t take up space on your phone or computer’s inbox because everything is stored and streamed through mailVU. If you have a mailVU account, you can then save videos to a private account. (mailVU Video Sharing, free)


Sidewalk Buddy

For the multitasking pro, the Sidewalk Buddy is just what you need to get more things done safely. While using other phone apps, Sidewalk Buddy shows a live video feed from the rear-facing camera as you walk. You’re now able to stare down at your phone without the risk of running into something. It clearly separates the video feed from other apps in use so it’s easy to distinguish and lead you safely through your day. (Sidewalk Buddy, free)


Red Karaoke Sing & Record

Don’t miss another embarrassing moment! On nights out singing karaoke, use the Red Karaoke app to remember every rendition. The device allows you to carry your own karaoke machine with you, and provides free songs from popular artists such as Michael Buble and Frank Ocean. Enlarged print makes for easy reading, and the best part is that you can record as you sing and save it on your phone to share online later. (Red Karaoke Sing & Record, free)


Freeze Frame

To really capture the moment, Freeze Frame is the best tool to get in on the action. Choose a video, and Freeze Frame allows you to select specific moments in the video, which it then creates into a frame bundle. Every single frame can even be included. What makes this app so useful is that it’s more effective than photos. It ensures that action shots are intact by using a video to record special moments instead of relying on a camera timer.  (Freeze Frame, $3)



With the FunCam app, you can shoot video with camera effects intact or add them to videos already recorded. FunCam has 16 effects — including Cartoon, Vintage, Sketch and Neon. Other versions of the FunCam app also come in Love, Retro or Funky additions. It allows you to easily share on social media and email too. (FunCam, free)



The quickest way to share videos to your social media community is through Keek. You can show everyone what you’re up to in real time by uploading short video clips through the app. Capture, record and share in seconds — and never miss a beat with your friends again. (Keek, free)


Magisto-Magical Video Editor

Create well-made movies with the Magisto-Magical Video Editor app. This turns videos and photos into a professional-looking movie, and doesn’t need prior video editing knowledge to operate. It will add music, effects and transitions. You can even turn Instagram photos into movies. This app takes care of everything — just bring in videos and photos and let the Magisto do the rest. (Magisto-Magical Video Editor, free)

Fun Camera Finds

1. iSwing — Golf Swing Analyzer (Google play, $5)
2. Videocam Illusion Pro (Google play, $2)
3. Drawing Cartoons (Google play, free)


GifBoom: Animated GIF Camera

To create fun and creative GIFs out of your videos, GifBoom is the perfect app. It creates animated GIFs from videos, photos or existing GIFs and sends them right to your email or other social media sites. You can also easily add text to them. Be the highlight of all your Tumblr followers with this awesome Android app.  (GifBoom: Animated GIF Camera, free)

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