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10 Photography dos and don’ts

Sunny Lee

You’ve just invested in a new DSLR camera, but all of those icons and settings can be pretty intimidating. Don’t fret! This hobby can be very rewarding. The more you explore, the more interesting your photography will become. These simple dos and don’ts will get you started!



Touch your lens

If you’re wondering why your photos are turning out blurry, take a look at the lens. You might find a fingerprint or two! Remember to clean your lens before each use. A good lens cleaning kit from any camera shop is a good investment for photographers of all skill levels. Lenses can be very delicate and are expensive to replace, so using tools specifically designed for lens cleaning will help you to treat your lens with care.


Forget the essentials

You never know what kind of shooting conditions you will find yourself in, so be prepared whenever you shoot. Make sure you bring a flash, extra batteries, extra memory cards, lens hood, filters, etc. Make a list of your photography must have essentials and keep your bag packed at all times.


Shoot in auto

Breaking away from those automatic settings can be quite nerve-racking, but the more you explore, the better your photography will become. Sure, these settings make it easy to get started, but remember you spent a pretty penny to create great photographs. Why not learn how to get the most bang for your buck?

Even more, auto settings do not always adjust correctly in awkward lighting conditions, and you may get photos that are blurry or dark. Learn how to react to these conditions by manually adjusting your camera settings.


Limit your style

You may find that there are a lot of photography trends out there. If you subscribe to Instagram, Flickr, or any other photo sharing media, you will sometimes see a lot of the same. Make your style your own and don’t be afraid to try different shooting and editing styles.


Be afraid to edit

Remember you can always click ‘undo’! With editing software, you can adjust all the basics: contrast, exposure, saturation, etc. Some programs allow you to become very detailed, so if you didn’t get the image you wanted when shooting, try changing it.

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