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Color psychology: Does blue really give you the blues?

Facts and research have long proven that colors and our psyche have an intimate relationship. Choosing colors for every space in your home is important, as they undoubtedly affect how you feel. Here is your go-to color guide for choosing the right and productive mood to set in your home and for your family — daily.

Red: Makes you feel ambitious

While it’s commonly associated with passion (rightfully), red is the color of energy and daily ambition. It has a tendency to not only wake us up in the morning, but give us the energy we need to see the day through with success. It best represents physical activity and passion for all we do. A red accent wall in your kitchen will double the energizing effect of your morning cup of joe.

Image credit: My Home Decorating Ideas

Blue: Makes you feel calm

The blues don’t really give you the blues at all. Blue is the color of the ocean, sky and other calming elements. In the home, it can be used to create a feeling of calmness and serenity. This color is best in places where you go to escape the mental stresses of daily life, such as the bedroom or bathroom (featuring bubble bath and candles).

Image credit: The Decorologist

Yellow: Makes you feel happy

Yellow is made for the most energetic of people. If you’re more of an introvert or can sustain energy as long as others, don’t include yellow in your home — it will only drain you mentally. However, if you’re an extrovert or naturally cheery person, the use of yellow in your home will only create a warm, happy and inviting space. The brightness of this color delivers joy in any space. Oh, and fitness junkies? It’s rumored yellow increases metabolism.

Image credit: Apartment therapy

Orange: Makes you feel positive

Not all of us would immediately go to orange to create an inviting space, but the result of it may be surprising. Like the company in England that painted all of their machinery orange, the color itself increases productivity and encourages communication. Orange strengthens the spirit and will give you and your guests a positive outlook.

Image credit: Freshome

White: Makes you feel complete

Some may think this color in a home is bland and dull, but whether it’s an accent wall or the whole house, white makes you feel content and complete. A fine balance of all colors on the spectrum is what creates white, so the feeling of balance and completion mentally is only natural. White will also make you feel creative, dreamy and imaginative; just like a blank white page, a blank white wall makes anything feel possible.

Image credit: The Enchanted Home

Purple: Makes you feel thoughtful

Violets and purples will make you feel more in touch with your innermost thoughts. They will encourage you to question your beliefs and experiences daily and will make you constantly inquisitive to learn something new. They prompt reflection on life lessons and breed aspirations to learn more. Purples go great in the living room, as maybe you or your little ones will opt for the Discovery channel rather than reality.

Image credit: Apartment therapy

Green: Makes you feel renewed

Green is the best color to put throughout any home. It encourages growth and the restoration of your mind. As an earth tone, it puts us in touch with what matters outside modern day living and stress. After being in a green-colored room, you will regain understanding of the simple and most beautiful things in life. You and your family will be encouraged to grow into better people every day.

Image credit: Make Your Dream House

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