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11 Jobs that bring out your inner nerd

We all have a geeky side. Let’s bring out our inner-nerd self by checking out the top jobs for nerds and geeks!

Are you secretly a geek? If so, you may want to consider a job that brings out your true talents and allows you to shine. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that most of these “geeky” jobs pay pretty well. You may never be the coolest kid on the block, but you’ll be the one following your dreams and probably someday ruling the world.

Computer programmer

crazy guy on keyboard

Photo credit: Tariq Sinnetamby via YouTube

A job invented for the techie is the computer programmer. Spend your days fixing bugs in computers, working on coding, designing software and beta testing. Average salary is $75,000 per year — not bad for doing something you love.


chemistry explosion

Photo credit: chemistryshow via YouTube

Nothing says “nerdy” quite like a chemist. Chemists study the natural world around them and work at improving products or processes. They constantly are learning, and every day presents a new challenge. Median salary is $70,000.

Electrical engineer

cartoon engineer

Photo credit: GoldieBlox via YouTube

Did you grow up building radios and televisions? Have you ever built a computer for fun? If so, electrical engineering is the career for you, and at an average pay of $90,000 per year, it will provide you with quite a comfortable life.

Accountant or bookkeeper


Photo credit: Late Night Show with David Letterman via YouTube

Anyone who loves doing math for fun is a nerd, plain and simple. Accountants spend their days crunching numbers, doing taxes and performing audits. They make sure every dollar is being accounted for. Accountants earn, on average, $60,000 per year, but the top performers make over $100,000.


lego librarian

Photo credit: Legoander via YouTube

We all remember visiting the school library as a kid and probably viewed the librarian as a total geek, right? Well, though that may be true, librarians are smart. They answer questions regarding books and policies and help keep the library up and running. Average salary is $55,000 — more than enough for a fancy book collection.

Software developer

nerd girl

Photo credit: Joranmattice1 via YouTube

Software developers go hand-in-hand with computer programmers; only they do the behind-the-scenes work. They develop the systems that allow us to work on the computer. If this field interests you, plan on getting a degree in a computer science field and making around $90,000 per year. Not bad!

Game tester


Photo credit: animeme via YouTube

Don’t expect to make a fortune with this job (average pay is $8-$20 per hour), but do expect to have a lot of fun. If you’re a lover of all things related to video games, turn that passion into a career by being a game tester. The job is exactly as it sounds – you get paid to play video games.


downton abbey

Photo credit: Kerry Muzzey via YouTube

Are you fascinated by the past, your ancestors and what events shaped the world into what it is today? Historians study the past daily, and make $53,000 per year doing so.


sex and the city

Photo credit: SATCclips via YouTube

You’re a grammar whiz and aren’t afraid to let people know. People turn to you to proofread their papers, help with job applications and perfect their resumes. For you, being smart comes naturally. Constructing sentences is what you live for. Editors make, on average, $55,000 per year — good money for being grammatically correct.


nerd girl

Photo credit: Head to Toe via YouTube

Eye doctors are brainy and wear glasses, making them the ultimate geek. The low end of their salary is $90,000 per year, and some make well over $150,000 per year. For a salary like that, I’m sure none of us would mind being labeled a “geek.”

Science teacher


Photo credit: MOVIECLIPS via YouTube

Even if your high school chemistry teacher was your favorite ever, they were still a geek at heart, and you know it. Anyone who enjoys combustion chemical reactions and knows the periodic table of elements better than the alphabet is truly a nerd. Average salary is around $40,000 per year.

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