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SheKnows spacelifts: 10 Modern bedrooms under $500


Rustic blue

For those who find a rich blue color calms them, you aren’t alone. Rustic blue is the theme of my bedroom. To achieve this is quite simple, and no major changes are needed. Find a refined blue to paint your bedroom walls (I love Something Blue by Sherwin-Williams), but be sure to keep baseboards white. The rest is all up to decor. I suggest an indigo patterned rug, walnut nightstand, white floor lamp and a statement metal dear head.

Rustic Blue



One of the best modern spaces I observed was in Italy. I was a guest at a beautiful exotic-themed apartment, and the decor goddess in charge had incorporated inspiration from both Africa and the southwestern U.S. — think Mojave Desert and Joshua trees. To achieve this you’ll have to go with a bold yellow or orange as your wall color and laminate wood for your floor. For art, stick to black and white prints; for this space I chose a stunning zebra close-up. To add that Mojave feel, buy potted cacti for decor.



Black and white

Easy, classic and timeless. Black and white is a safe bet and one that will remain modern a decade from now. Keep your walls an ivory lace color and save your black for a black bookshelf headboard — extra storage never hurts. For accents, think flowers, ebony-colored floor lamps and classic photography shots.

Black and White


Lucky lavender

It’s calm, tranquil and one of nature’s most beautiful colors. While lavender can’t be pulled off in every room, it’s possible in the bedroom. To pull together a modern lavender look, start by replacing your floors with white laminate wood. Paint your walls with a light lavender-gray. Invest in clear vases, white sheets, white paper floor lamps and, of course, bundles of lavender.

Lucky Lavender


Coral darkness

Daring, dark and mysterious — this theme is reserved for the mysterious modernist. You start by painting your room a dark and rich ebony while leaving one white wall. Place a black-rimmed mirror on the white wall and your artwork on the ebony. As for artwork and decor color, go for something with a bold coral.

Coral Darkness

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