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SheKnows spacelifts: 10 Modern kitchens under $500


Culinary enthusiast

Culinary Enthusiast

This one is for culinary-obsessed folks and Pinterest recipe fiends. Start with replacing your outdated counters with sleek and clean white slab. Paint your walls a deep but blazing red — as a reflection of your passion. Hang a few well-selected culinary-inspired art pieces throughout your kitchen. Tie your modern dream kitchen together by indulging in a hanging pot rack (you know you’ve always wanted one).


Down to earth

Down to Earth

If you’re more on the simple and delicate side, all your kitchen might need to reach modernity is a few upcycled and wooden accents. Freshen up your walls and cabinets by painting them a clean linen white. Invest in a new wooden storage cart and recycled glass jars — you can use them for everything from herb pots to flour containers. If you want a slight luxurious touch, add a stone mosaic backsplash behind your kitchen sink.


Industrial chic

Industrial Chic

This look is great for loft spaces or homes with an industrial theme. Start with painting your kitchen a violet-hued gray (leave cabinets as is). Add a stainless steel backsplash behind your stove and wherever else you want to make a chic statement. Update your faucet and add other steel and industrial-inspired accessories to create a heavy-duty yet stylish kitchen. Try a mesh wine rack or a stainless steel pot rack for quality investments.


White out

Modern and the color white are best friends. Experiment with an all-white kitchen; it’s risky business, but the aesthetic payout is grand. Freshen up your whole kitchen with a couple of new layers of white paint. Replace any colored countertops with a white slab. Add geometrics with a white mosaic backsplash throughout the kitchen. What will make this kitchen modernistic are the subtle accents and white gadgets, so be sure to invest in the most irresistible ones.


Summer urbane

Summer Urbane

It doesn’t have to be summer for you to enjoy this color palette. You can interchange fresh flowers and decor to transform this kitchen every few months to update the look. Start with a freshly painted white kitchen. You’ll want to replace any colored countertops with a white slab for this theme, too. Add a teal-colored mosaic backsplash. Everything else in your kitchen should be bright and decorative. Try fresh lemons in a white vase and a bold red espresso maker.

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