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SheKnows spacelifts: 10 Modern kitchens under $500

It’s well-known that the kitchen is the heart of every home, and if your kitchen is outdated it tends to be a statement about your entire interior. Although it isn’t an easy space to keep contemporary, for $500 you can transform the room that defines your taste palette into modern, chic and sophisticated.


Cafe inspiration

Cafe inspiration

This kitchen’s inspiration will be coffee, with dark accents, mocha tones and caffeine-inspired decor. This look works best if you already have dark wooden or white cabinets. Paint all the walls in your kitchen a decadent and creamy macadamia color. Add dark cabinet handles and a new faucet head for modern detailing. Accessorize your new look with pro-coffee art and cups.


Cool eccentricity

Cool Eccentricity

Modern kitchens often have outlandish accents and gadgets, and this kitchen theme embraces that. Try this cool green mosaic backsplash behind your stove and fresh laminate flooring (it isn’t as expensive as you think, especially if you have a handy boyfriend). Keep your wall color to a sweet ivory to contrast a striking black-and-white patterned kitchen rug.


French chic

French Chic

Like anything French-inspired, this kitchen theme is one of the simplest yet most timeless options. The French simply don’t fuss over accent walls or obsess over matching, but rather take risks with expressive decor. The base of this look is a new wooden countertop paired with vintage accents. The bold red shelves for storage (ceramic or Mason jars preferred) are an homage to French unpredictability.


Ready to entertain

Ready to Entertain

For the Martha Stewart in all of us, we crave a space where we can impress. The key to a modern entertaining space is to add room for guests. Two updated barstools are a must for social gatherings. This faded sage green paint color is not only inviting, but is also suited for parties year-round. Aesthetically gorgeous beverage dispensers, wooden appetizer boards and wine racks are all modern entertaining essentials.


Busy and bright

Busy and Bright

If your house is otherwise fairly simple and neutral, perhaps your kitchen needs to be a statement maker. Tip: This kitchen is best suited for those who like bright. Start with tasteful yellow wall color to transform your kitchen into a vivid space. Tone it down a little with a new dark wooden countertop and this wooden clock from Crate and Barrel. Enhance the statement look with patterned towels, colorful espresso cups and a shiny new chrome toaster.

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