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SheKnows spacelifts: 10 Modern bathrooms under $500

Is your bathroom decor suffering from a bad case of drab? This essential room has a tendency to influence our moods for the whole day, so investing $500 to modernize your bathroom is money well spent. Here are 10 inspirational and achievable looks for any water closet.


Clean coral

Coral has an undeniable energy — something we could all use throughout the day. You can either paint every wall coral, or, for a more subtle surprise, stick to the accent wall opposite the sink. A polished white floor and earthy accents like a wooden toothbrush holder tie the look together effortlessly.


Rustic charm

Rustic Charm

One of the most charming trends we’re seeing with modern bathrooms is just a touch of rustic. This look revolves around this ladder, which doubles as a towel rack, candle holder or whatever your decorative mind can imagine. Transform your bathroom into the Tuscan countryside with a stone accent wall. Detailing includes a luxurious white mat and a Mason jar storage system.


Be calm

Be calm

Nothing calms quite like lavender. If you’re a bubble bath enthusiast or like your bathroom to double as a spa retreat, there must be lavender. This looks is sleek, very modern and achievable. Begin by painting the bathroom a comforting gray, and continue with a black-rimmed mirror placed horizontally above your new, above-counter white sink (modern is about geometry). Keep bundles of dried lavender, translucent vases and white candles in sight at all times.


Cool off

Cool off

Sometimes we just need a place that reminds us of somewhere cool (but please, let’s not include tacky seashells in this equation). To achieve modern oceanic elements, think of your three favorite things about the beach and mentally extract the color. Mine are water, sand and driftwood. For this look I stuck to mostly wooden accents on the backdrop of a nice seafoam green and subtle tan. The result is relaxing and simple, not busy and overdone.


Mirrored image

Mirrored Image

This look is a little more risqué and is geared toward the bachelorettes. It’s about adding different textures of reflective materials. The backsplash alone is a mosaic mirror — swoon. Stick to a nice light-toned gray paint and pair with crisp white baseboards and ceiling. Add an above-counter glass bowl sink for an element of mystery. Spaces like this need a feminine touch, so don’t forget orchids in mirrored vases.

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