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25 Ways you’re losing money

Ways to save money


Get a library card

Sure, your iPad is convenient, but the library will let you read the new J.K. Rowling novel for free! You can also check out music and peruse magazines.


Dine in

A steak at home costs a lot less than one out. The money you save can be used toward cooking classes!


Use restaurant specials

If you do go out, before you leave the house, find out what local restaurants have specials. Check the website for “happy hour” pricing, kids eat free, BOGO deals and more.


Don’t loan the IRS money

Don’t let the IRS take more money each check than they need. Change your exemption status and use the extra money to start a savings account.


Save right

Don’t leave your money in a regular savings account. Open a high-interest account. They’ll have more stringent rules, though, so make sure you can follow them.


Negotiate your salary

Know what you’re worth and when a potential employer asks what you’re looking for, tell them. They’ll counter, but that’s why it’s a salary negotiation. Underpaid? Ask for a raise.


Falling for tech myths

You don’t need brand-name cables or a 4G network. Research product claims before buying.


Don’t pay ATM fees

Try to take cash out of your bank’s ATM only to save on fees or ask for cash back on your debit card when you make a purchase.


Shop smart

Hit outlet stores or go online before you head to the mall. Keep your eye out for sales and tax-free days. For computers and other devices, check out certified refurbished models first. They’re often hundreds cheaper.


Ask for discounts

When you’re buying high-ticket items, ask them to knock something off the top. Also, contact your utility and service providers (cable, cell phone, electricity) regularly to find out what specials they have. Just know how it may affect your contract.


Travel smart

If you’re organized about your travel plans and can be flexible about when you leave, what hotel you use and more, you can save hundreds.


Change providers

If a service provider won’t give you a deal, switch. New customers often get the best rates.


Don’t try too hard

Trying too hard to save can cost you. Free shipping may be offered because they build it into the cost. Use professional services for your taxes or who knows what you’ll miss. And don’t skip a checkup. Undiagnosed medical issues can be costly when it’s too late.

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