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25 Ways you’re losing money

Do you ever get to the end of the month and wonder where all your cash went? So do we! That’s why we uncovered the top 25 ways people waste money every month.

Ways to save money


Green your home

Installing radiant barriers, solar screens and green windows and making sure you have Energy Star-rated appliances doesn’t just help the environment, it saves you money on your heating and cooling bills. But do your part, too.


Don’t carry a balance

Carrying a balance on your credit card costs you money in interest fees. Pay them off at the end of each month.


Pay your bills on time

Use automatic bill-payment options to make sure you don’t rack up late fees.


Buy regular gas

Premium gas is only required for a handful of luxury and performance vehicles and may not do anything for cars that don’t need it.


Maintain tire pressure

Keep the air in your tires consistently filled to the manufacturer’s recommendations. It saves on gas money, too!


Get healthy

Cutting out unhealthy habits like smoking, excessive drinking and fast food doesn’t just save you money in the short-term. The health problems associated with them are expensive.


Cut your cell plan

If you’re not using all your minutes or data on your cell plan every month, switch to a lower (cheaper) plan.


Find missing money

Every state government has a website where you can find out if you’re owed money. That’s where people who owe you money but can’t find you report it. They can’t keep it, so the government hangs onto it for you!


Buy generic

Many store brands are just as good (or better) than the high-priced brands supported by expensive advertising campaigns that you, in turn, pay for.


Use coupons

Coupons won’t save you more than buying generic (usually), but look online for coupons for the things you use often.


Shop more often

If you buy more food than you can really eat before it goes bad, you’re probably wasting a lot. Consider shopping for perishables twice a week instead of once.


Buy in bulk

You’re going to need toilet paper next month anyway, right? It’s cheaper in bulk, as are most items you purchase regularly.

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