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12 puppy eyes to swoon over


image source: Twitter #puppyeyes

We don’t know if it’s because this picture is in black and white, but this puppy’s eyes are seriously the cutest we’ve ever seen!


image source: Twitter #puppyeyes

How could you not let this puppy out of his cage after looking into these eyes?


image source: Twitter #puppyeyes

This puppy has eyes that make you just want to curl up and watch a movie while it lies on your lap.


Cute puppy eyes 10

image source: Nylabone Twitter

This puppy looks like he knows you had a not-so-good day, and he just wants to make it better.


image source: Twitter #puppyeyes

What’s better than a cute chubby puppy with a pair of eyes that are simply adorable? Absolutely nothing!


image source:

This puppy looks like a bundle of love that is simply looking for someone to play with her!

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