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25 puppies to make your heart melt


Heart melting puppies 13

Image source: Twitter @Puppiesforall

Don’t let the eyes fool you, this pup is way better at snowball fights than you think.


Heart melting puppies 14

Image source: Twitter @longlivepuppies

I don’t think this puppy will have any problem finding a date to prom.


Heart melting puppies 15

Image source: Twitter @puppies_puppies

Don’t laugh— stairs are a lot harder than they look. At least that’s this pup’s excuse.


Image source: @puppiesforall

This little pup makes even the smallest things look completely adorable!


Heart melting puppies 17

Image source: Twitter @AyyoTheobald

Staring contest. You and me. Now. I bet this puppy wins every time.


Heart melting puppies 18

Image source: Instagram @puppy_loverss

I don’t think this guy is cut out for the biker life, but at least he’s being safe by wearing a helmet.

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