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6 Summer side businesses for the everyday woman

Looking to earn some extra cash this summer? Check out these 6 summer side businesses you can take on whether you work in an office or stay home with kids.

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Let’s face it — we’re busy. Women nowadays work, take care of the home, raise kids and somehow manage to maintain a social life and a relationship with their husbands. If you’re looking to make a little extra cash this summer, we’ve found six perfect side jobs for the busy, everyday woman. Though you will be busier than before, the extra income could be well worth it. And remember — it’s just temporary, and you can always reward yourself with a relaxing vacation once summer’s over!


Become a tutor

Do you love helping people and have a few areas of expertise you’d be willing to pass on? If so, tutoring is the perfect side job for you. Many parents worry their children will forget information they learned during the school year over summer and hire tutors to make sure their children don’t fall behind once school starts back up again. You can tutor in the evenings, weekends or even online for sites like You will charge an hourly rate and can decide for yourself how many hours per week you’d like to work.


Freelance write

Freelance writing is another side job where you can set your own hours and work as little or as much as you’d like. Sites like and post thousands of writing opportunities daily. It’s competitive, though, so if you find yourself struggling to land a job consider starting a blog to gain some experience. You can use your personal blog as a way of attracting clients and possibly down the line even generate an income from blogging.

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Open an Etsy shop

What you should know: You must pay to be on Etsy. Factor that cost into the income you hope to generate.

Are you talented in making jewelry, quilting, baking or anything in between? If so, you should consider selling your talents via an Etsy shop. Sales typically start out slow, so don’t expect to make a fortune overnight. A great — and free — way to advertise is to start a blog that’s geared towards both your personal life and your new venture. Think of it as a fun hobby that could eventually turn into a full-time gig.


Start a bed and breakfast

If you live in a touristy area and happen to have a spare bedroom, why not open it up for the summer as a bed and breakfast? If you work full-time in an office, only offer the spare bedroom on weekends when you’ll be home. Note that you should speak to a mortgage lender about the laws in renting out a room in your city and obtain health and safety approvals through your city.


House cleaning or handyman services

People are constantly on the hunt for ways to make their lives a little cleaner and more organized. If you’re naturally clean and enjoy organizing, start up a small business as a house cleaner. For even extra income, recruit your husband to help out. He can do handyman work while you clean, or you can look into cleaning and fixing up foreclosures — which typically involves deep cleaning, yard work and minor handyman repairs. It’s a great way to spend quality time with your main man, as well!


Dog walker

If you live in a cool area and enjoy being outdoors, start walking your neighborhood dogs to earn some extra cash. Most walkers charge $10/hour, more if they own more than one dog. This is something you can do before work, in the evenings and on weekends, or during the weekday if you stay home. Post flyers in the mailbox and in local grocery stores to start generating customers.

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