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Window lounging blues: 6 Ways to liven up your cat

Have a lazy kitty in your home? Rev her up with these six ideas to get moving, shaking, and active.

cat lying in window



Have a kitty that loves to lounge all day? Point a laser into his view and watch him go wild; your cat will love to chase the small light’s movement all around your house. Psychologists attribute this to the thrill of the catch. Watching the light change movement and speed gives your cat an interest in it, and he’ll want to catch it, wondering what it will feel and taste like when he finally does.

Cat lasers are fun and inexpensive. We like this laser cat toy from for $4.


String or yarn

yarn basket

Don’t have a laser lying around? Grab a string or some yarn! Cut a piece 1/2 – 1 foot in length and pull slightly in front of your cat to catch her attention. Pull at different speeds and in different directions to get your cat pouncing into action. Since your cat is intrinsically designed to have keen vision, the twists and pulls of the string will immediately get her moving.


Hunting games

Another fun game to play with kitty is a hunting game. Set up a mini treasure hunt for him filled with prizes at each location. Since it is in your cat’s nature to hunt, having him exercise this behavior will be a satisfying venture for him. Be sure to treat him with food at the end of the hunt so that he feels he’s done something good and meaningful with his time.



If you want your kitty to be active, take her on a walk! Regular walks help kitty exercise, get energy out, and let out her natural instinct to explore. Many cat owners who are afraid of the idea find that they have happier cats because of their daily walks.

Teach your cat to walk with a harness and leash using this Youtube tutorial.


iPad Apps

Yes, you read that correctly. If you want to get your dull cat active, download a few iPad apps designed to help you play with your cat and allow them to exercise their brains and bodies. Some are so interactive that your cat can actually utilize the screen to chase a mouse.

We like the Game for Cats app available at iTunes for $1.99 where cats can have a riot chasing a laser, mouse, or butterfly.


Climbing towers & poles

If you’re a person on the go and don’t have much time to devote to your feline companion, invest in a climbing pole or tower. Meant to entertain kitty while allowing her to scratch her claws, poles are a great addition to any cat owner’s home.

Entertain your feline with a Cat Tree Pet Furniture Condo from for $90.

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