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5-Step skin care regimen for oily skin

Put down the oil-blotting sheets! It’s time to get your oily skin balanced. If you’re sick of your makeup sliding off your face by the middle of the day, it’s time to take control. The right skin care can control oil and keep skin naturally moisturized, so we sought out Dr. Coyle S. Connolly, president of Connolly Dermatology in New Jersey and board certified dermatologist, about the best course of action for your unique skin type.

Oily skincare
Step 1 cleanse

Step 1: Cleanse

This step is crucial for oily skin. Washing away excess oil without penetrating your skin’s natural moisture is a tough trick for some cleansers. Find a cleanser marked specifically for oily skin. It will prevent your skin from looking like an oil slick without stripping it of necessary oils.

“After washing hands, gently massage cleanser onto skin with a clean sponge and rinse well. Then pat dry,” Connolly advises.

Step 2 tone

Step 2: Tone

This is another essential step for oily skin. Luckily, you don’t need to stray away from alcohol-based toners, but choose a toner specifically made for oily skin. You can either use a cotton pad to apply it, or put it in a misting bottle and spray. Just make sure you avoid the eyes, Connolly says.

Step 3 mask

Step 3: Mask

Using a great mask for oily skin nightly will help you strike a balance between drying products and oily skin. Choose a product specifically marketed for oily skin and use your fingertips or a fan brush to apply, Connolly says. Leave on for about three to five minutes, and then rinse with warm water.

Step 4 Lotion or serum

Step 4: Lotion or serum

Choose whether a moisturizing lotion or serum is right for you. A serum will moisturize on a cellular level. Plus, many products have added anti-aging or clarifying elements. If you just want a simple, everyday moisturizer, a very light lotion or gel lotion can work for you. Oily skin only requires a light application of either serum or lotion, Connolly says, so save the heavy hand.

Step 5 sunscreen

Step 5: Sunscreen

As with any skin type, protecting your skin from the damaging and potentially cancerous effects of the sun is key. For oily skin types, Connolly recommends a mineral powder SPF applied to the entire face and neck area. This way you can protect your skin without adding any oily moisturizers into the mix.

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