10-Step beauty routine for every day of the year

Everyone looks good with a fresh, natural face — but dry skin, spots and dark circles can often get in the way of looking our best. With the right makeup and skin care, you can pull off the natural look with pretty, clear skin and rosy cheeks every day. We talked to national glo.minerals makeup artist Kate McCarthy, who has worked with celebs like Judy Greer, Tatiana Ali, Samantha Mathis, Susan Ward and Erin Cummings, to get the lowdown on your new daily 10-step routine.

Step 1 Prime

Step 1: Prime

Many women skip this step, but using a great primer is the key to lasting makeup, McCarthy says. “Primers are not just for special occasions — they should be used every day because they smooth pores and fine lines, and allow your foundation to last all day! Not to mention your skin will be flawless,” she says. Smooth your favorite primer over your skin with your fingers and wait about three minutes until moving on to the next step.

Step 2 foundation

Step 2: Base

It’s all about finding the best foundation match for you, McCarthy says. Plus, formula comes into play too. Once you’ve found your Holy Grail of foundation, apply using your method of choice. A beauty-building sponge will give buildable, natural coverage. A foundation or stippling brush allows you to get in fine corners. Find your best method and apply!

Step 4 conceal

Step 3: Conceal

Using a concealer brush, pat a small amount of concealer into trouble spots. “Concealing after applying foundation allows you to not only cover anything your foundation missed, but also provides optimal coverage that lasts all day,” McCarthy says.

Step 4 Cream shadow

Step 4: Cream shadow

You don’t need to be a blonde to pull off this subtle “blond, smoky-eye look.” Using a bronze cream shadow pencil, apply a medium-thick layer to your lower lash line, McCarthy advises.

Step 5 crease it

Step 5: Crease it

Then, use a small dome brush like a mini-crease brush or smudge brush, and apply a light brown shadow toward your crease.

Step 6: Highlight

Step 6: Highlight

Using a shimmery blond shadow, highlight from lash line to crease.

Step 7 brow

Step 7: Brows

“Framing your brows to the natural bone structure of your face can take ages off [your face],” McCarthy says. “Use a brow gel or powder and lightly fill in your brows, giving them shape and structure. Highlight your brow bone with a light shimmery eyeshadow to make them pop.”

Step 8 lashes

Step 8: Lashes

Add a healthy coat of black mascara to your lashes, making sure to keep away the clumps.

Step 9 Blush

Step 9: Blush

“Every woman should be a blush-aholic. Adding color to your cheeks will brighten your complexion and help you ‘fake’ eight hours of sleep,” McCarthy says. Add your favorite color to the apples of your cheeks.

Step 10 Lips

Step 10: Lips

“For a quick on-the-go lip, grab a lip liner in a soft peach tone,” McCarthy says. “Fill your lips in entirely. Then blot, and you are out the door!”

Step 11 Finished

Step 11: Finished

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